Riccardo Accardo

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Riccardo Accardo
Affiliation The Family (Accardo branch)
Biographical information
Date of death 1942
Physical description
Gender Male

Riccardo Accardo is an unseen character in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. Having been deceased before the game starts, he was a mobster from the Vatican City who is part of Marcoh's previous life as a thug.


Riccardo Accardo was heir to the Accardo branch in The Family, which operated within Vatican City—in a criminal organization deeply connected to the Church and reminiscent of a mafia. Despite his status as a mobster, Riccardo's charismatic and flattering demeanor allowed him to navigate effortlessly among his associates. After becoming acquainted with Marcoh after meeting his sister, he was intrigued by the man's physical prowess. Riccardo urged Marcoh to train as a boxer under the guidance of a professional coach, recognizing his potential. Impressed by Marco's talent, Riccardo organized a series of high-profile boxing matches to showcase his abilities.

Over time, Riccardo gradually enticed Marcoh into the criminal underworld, revealing his true intentions. He arranged a pivotal boxing match between Marco and a former family member who had severed ties with the organization, intending for Marcoh to carry out a fatal act. When Marcoh refused, Riccardo resorted to threatening the life of Marcoh's sister. Cornered by this threat, Marcoh reluctantly complied and committed the act, leading him down a path of engaging in illicit activities and morally compromising tasks under Riccardo's control.

Growing wary of Marcoh's presence, Riccardo began to avoid him, recognizing the potential danger he posed. Eventually, Riccardo summoned Marcoh to a local club under the pretext of discussing a new assignment, unaware of the imminent danger that awaited him. In an unexpected turn of events, Marcoh eliminated Riccardo before making his escape, planning to reunite with his sister in Rondon afterwards.