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Default portrait
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With Woodsman's parasite
Marcoh Gro-goroth portrait.png

With Gro-goroth engraving
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With Sylvian engraving
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With Alll-mer engraving
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With Rher engraving
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With Vinushka engraving
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With God of Fear and Hunger engraving
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Marcoh takes a boxing stance and looks very focused.
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Marcoh takes a boxing stance and looks very focused.
Marcoh (Player).png
Marcoh overworld.png
Aliases Curly-haired man
Relatives Unnamed parents (status unknown)
Unnamed sister
Unnamed grandfather
Affiliation The Family (formerly, defected)
Inflicted phobias
Phobias None
Biographical information
Date of birth January, 1911
Date of death 1942 (determinant)
Physical description
Gender Male
Age 31
Species Human
Spiritual Information
Soul Tainted soul
Item drops
Search (x3 Shillings, Duct tape and Combat jacket)
Steal (x12 Shillings)
Battle Theme
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"There is no escaping your fate, is there? No matter which road I take in life... I always end up in similar circles."
- Marcoh's Mind Read dialogue in PRHVL Bop.

Marcoh is a playable character and a potential party member in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. Life in an underground boxing ring has taught him how to deal with opponents bare-handed. Marcoh excels at close-quarters combat. Marcoh is one of the fourteen contestants arriving in Prehevil that were forced to participate in the Festival of Termina.


Marcoh's earliest memories involved spending time with his parents, but suddenly he was left without them. He couldn't remember what happened, but he and his sister had to fend for themselves from then on. At just ten years old, he had to find a way to make a living.

Marcoh had always known the streets to be harsh, having been bullied relentlessly as a young boy. However, as he grew older and filled out, he found that he could hold his own in a fight, often towering over his former tormentors. Despite his size and fighting prowess, he was opposed to joining any local street gangs and becoming a thug for hire. Unfortunately, refusing to work with these small-time criminals only seemed to draw more trouble his way, with street fights becoming a regular occurrence.

Marcoh's perspective began to shift when he realized that he was making more money from fighting than from any other job. His reputation as a skilled fighter led to his participation in underground boxing matches, where the pay was better and the danger of knives was lower. While Marcoh was focused on his fighting career, his sister had blossomed into a stunning young woman, attracting attention from a variety of unsavory characters.

Despite the risks of being associated with someone like Riccardo Accardo, a known mobster and heir to The Family, Marcoh's sister became close to him. With Marcoh's reputation on the streets, few lowlife thugs dared to make a move on her, but Riccardo still tried to recruit Marcoh to their ranks. Although Marcoh declined, Riccardo offered to hook him up with a professional boxing trainer to take his skills to the next level. Marcoh was initially hesitant, but his sister convinced him to give it a try.

Upon entering the gym, Marcoh felt a sense of professionalism that he had not experienced before. The elderly trainer, who had an impressive track record, was impressed with Marcoh's natural abilities and raw skills. Under the trainer's guidance, Marcoh's skills improved and he started to win bigger and bigger matches. Riccardo was able to organize more and more fights, and Marcoh found himself spending more time with the Accardo family, without realizing that he was slowly being pulled into the criminal world. Eventually, Riccardo revealed his true colors and demanded that Marcoh kill an ex-family member in a boxing match. Marcoh refused, but Riccardo threatened his sister's safety, leaving Marcoh with no choice but to comply.

During the fight, Marcoh managed to knock out his opponent, but he didn't stop there. Under Riccardo's orders, he continued to pummel the man, even after he had hit the ground. Marcoh had killed him. Devastated by what he had done, Marcoh kept it all inside, but he knew that things had to change. Riccardo had plenty more dirty work for him to do, and his sister's safety was always on the line. Marcoh knew that he had to find a way out of the criminal world before it consumed him completely.

After killing Riccardo in an attempt to cut ties, Marcoh found himself in a dire situation as both the Family and law enforcement were hot on his trail. His phone rang and it was his sister on the other end. She had been sent to Riccardo's summer villa in Valland a few days prior. Marcoh explained his predicament to her and they decided to meet up in Rondon. It was clear that Marcoh could no longer stay in Vatican City and needed to act quickly before the police caught up to him.

He hopped on the first train that left the city and headed to an unfamiliar town called Prehevil in Bohemia. Marcoh wasn't sure where this town was, but he decided he could plan his next move as he traveled. Little did he know what horrors awaited him when he arrived...


Though initially reserved, Marcoh proves to be kindhearted over the course of the game. He is ready to risk his life helping other contestants, such as Olivia and Tanaka.

Despite his strength and nature as a boxer, Marcoh is notably more shy and quiet in comparison to the other contestants. When talked to inside of the train, Marcoh is initially silent and will act flustered when the player attempts to make conversation with him. This is seemingly out of Marcoh's social awkwardness rather than feelings of disdain or mistrust towards the player character. Despite this, Marcoh is otherwise cooperative and friendly with the other contestants, even showing a rare playful side to him during party talks. Marcoh is notably quite caring and protective over the contestant Olivia, as the two develop a friendship over the course of the game, with him vowing to stay by her side until he is able to retrieve her wheelchair for her.

As the Festival progresses, Marcoh begins to show signs of regret for his previous violent life. However, he is still ready to use his fighting skills to protect himself and others, stating that he prefers to rely on his physical strength. Provided that Tanaka is kept alive alongside Marcoh, the two can later be seen outside of the train, practicing boxing moves upon Tanaka's request. It is shown that the two develop a mutual bond over wanting to survive the festival together, and Tanaka takes this in with a newfound sense of determination and trust in Marcoh.

Gameplay traits

  • Has Combat jacket equipped.
  • Has Knife, x4 Shillings and Lucky coin in inventory (if chosen as the main character).
  • Can use two-handed weapons.
  • Has the Tainted soul, which unlocks the Tainted skill tree in the Hexen.
  • Can use firearms.
  • Deals twice the damage when attacking bare-handed, as he throws two separate punches.

Character History

If skipped:
If not skipped:
  • The soothing sound of the railtracks... You are not used to such peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.
  • You can't help but let your mind wander. You reminisce what has lead you to this point in life...
  • For the majority of your life you've only known the streets of the Vatican City. This is actually the first time in your life you're travelling this far from those narrow and crowded alleyways.
  • Things don't look that fancy elsewhere. Travelling is overrated you think to yourself.
  • In your earliest memories you remember spending time with your parents, but then suddenly you just didn't have parents anymore.
  • You can't remember what happened, but from one point onwards it was just you and your sister against the world.
  • You were still only ten years old but you had to make a living somehow...
    • Become a pickpocket (Gain Steal)
      • The Vatican City was full of streets kids similar to you and in no time you learned the tricks of the trade. You tried your hand in pickpocketing.
      • It worked for some time, but too often you got caught in the act which resulted in you getting beaten up.
    • Become a burglar (Gain Lockpicking)
      • The Vatican City was full of streets kids similar to you and in no time you learned the tricks of the trade. You tried your hand in breaking into apartments and stealing all the valuables you could carry.
      • It worked for some time, but too often you got caught in the act which resulted in you getting beaten up.
    • Try to lead a honest life (Gain x10 Shillings)
      • You tried different odd jobs. The only thing common with all of them was that eventually you messed things up and got fired.
      • Still you were able to save up 10 Shillings!
  • The streets schooled you hard, but as you grew older you noticed that you started to tower over those who bullied you before. If someone still tried to do you dirty, you were quickly able to give them a taste of your justice.
  • Because of your size and skills in fighting, you started to attract attention of local street gangs that tried to recruit you as their muscle. This never sounded right to you.
  • You had been extorted of your measly salaries too many times. You didn't want to do the same to anyone.
  • But turning down small-time criminals only got you to further trouble. Almost every other night you'd end up in street fights.
  • At one point you realized that you were doing more fighting than actual work, not to mention that's where you got most of your money too.
  • You started to consider fighting as your job. Maybe it would be worth investing into it more? You started to work out more regularly and follow a strict regimen.
    • Train strength (Gain +2 Attack)
      • You tried to train your explosive power so your strikes would pack more punch.
      • You started doing more push-ups, you used animal carcasses as punching bags at the local butcher where you worked part-time, you climbed fire escape ladders instead of using stairs and so on...
      • You managed to increase your strength with a couple of levels in the end.
    • Bulk up in mass (Gain +2 Defense, giving -5% Physical damage received and the first Defense +1 skill)
      • You thought that bulking up could make you more resistant to punches. So you started eating like a bear, at least tripling your calorie intake.
      • That combined with lifting weights (the sofa at your apartment), dragging horse carriages with your body along with other resistance exercises proved to have obvious effects.
      • You managed to increase your defence with a couple of levels in the end.
    • Improve your footwork (Gain +2 Agility)
      • You thought that swift feet would prove useful in boxing ring. It wouldn't matter how hard one would punch, if that punch never connects.
      • You spiced up your boxing drills by tying sand bags to your arms and feet. Every time you started to get used to the weights, you'd double the bags.
      • You didn't really feel the change until you finally dropped the weights and noticed how light and lighting fast your movements were without the additional baggage.
      • Your agility leveled up at least twice during all that.
    • Train your stamina (Gain +25 Max Body Points)
      • You started your days by running the Tiberian river upstream. 'The ten thousand steps of penitence' located at the heart of the city also became familiar to you. Day and night you'd be running those stairs up and down.
      • In the end your stamina did increase and in following fights you could easily take one or two more hits than before.
  • You were doing alright in fights, so much so that you started to build a little reputation on the streets.
  • In no time you moved on to underground boxing rings where there was more money on the table and less danger of the opponent pulling a knife in the middle of a match.
  • While you were busy in the ring, your sister had grown into a beautiful young woman who attracted all kinds of admirers. It would have meant trouble if it wasn't for your mean reputation.
  • Most low life thugs on the streets knew that they'd have to answer to you if they tried anything dodgy.
  • That didn't mean that there weren't those who tried. She started to get close with a known mobster Riccardo Accardo.
  • He was the heir to the Accardo branch of The Family. The Family was an organized body of criminals operating in the Vatican City.
  • In all intents and purposes The Family was a mafia, but they also had deep ties to the church which in turn was running the country. So it was a bit more complicated...
  • Despite being a mobster, Riccardo seemed decent enough. He had a flirtatious and flattering way of speaking and in general got along with everyone. He took notice in your skills and tried to casually recruit you to their ranks.
  • You politely declined the offer.
  • Since you didn't take the offer, Riccardo had another one on the platter - He proposed that he'd hook you up with a real boxing trainer to get you to the next level.
  • You again declined, but your sister insisted that you'd at least try it out. You agreed.
  • Things started to feel more professional the second you stepped inside the gym. The trainer, an elderly gentleman who had an impressive record of previous apprentices, was impressed by your raw skills.
  • He thought that the best way to push you further would be to choose where to specialize.
  • His methods proved effective. Soon you had your first real bout in the ring and won the match with relative ease. Your sister and Riccardo were there to congratulate you.
  • You continued with your winning streak. The hype around you was growing, slowly even you started to believe the hype.
  • Riccardo was able to organize big matches one after another. You started spending more time inside The Family quarters with Riccardo and your sister.
  • Without noticing it you had been pulled into the criminal world. What started as helping out a friend, became a more frequent occurrence.
  • Soon Riccardo showed his true colours as well. He had been building you up for a fated boxing match. Apparently your next opponent was a former family member who had cut all ties to the organization. Your job was to kill him in a boxing match.
  • You politely declined. But at this point there was no turning back. Riccardo reminded that he got your sister back at his flat and she'd feel it in her skin if you didn't comply.
  • You didn't know what to do. Soon you found yourself in the ring with the ex-family member and the bell rang. He was a tough opponent but you managed to get the best of him. You were able to counter one of his attacks with a knock out hit.
  • Things moved in slow motion as you saw Riccardo in your corner nodding with a sly smile. You followed up your hit with another, and another, and another.
  • You didn't even stop when the man hit the ground. The referee had to pull you away with all he got before you stopped.
  • The damage had already been done. You had killed a person.
  • You were devastated by all this, but kept it all inside.
  • This was only the beginning. Riccardo had plenty of dirty work for you to do and at this point he had plenty of leverage too. Your sister being the last resort everytime you hesitated.
  • Things had to change.
    • Get rid of Riccardo (Gain Killing intent)
      • Riccardo was wary of you. He seemed to sense your killing intent from miles away and that's why he avoided seeing you alone to the best of his abilities.
      • He was too cocky to consider you a serious threat though. As if he had you under his thumb. That proved out to be a grave mistake. For him.
      • You were to meet Riccardo and a dozen of his henchmen at a local club to discuss another one of your many tasks. You had been waiting for an opportunity to see him alone, but that opportunity never presented itself. 'Fair enough' you thought.
      • The moment you got to a punching distance, Riccardo had a split-second realization of what was happening before you knocked him off his feet.
      • The little rat tried to slither away but you grabbed him by his throat and kept slamming him on the floor until he stopped moving.
      • In your rage you lifted him up and threw him over the railing. He fell from the second floor to the center of the club's dance floor.
      • You saw him fall head first to the ground. You had succeeded in what you set out to do. Getting out of the club was secondary.
      • You had to fight through a mob of Riccardo's goons. Somehow you made it out from the backdoor with only minor injuries and ran away as fast as you could.
    • Get your sister and flee the country (Gain Escape plan)
      • You couldn't find your sister anywhere. Calling her telephone, nothing.
      • You started to suspect that Riccardo had suspected something like this and sent your sister somewhere. You were left with no choice but to confront Riccardo.
      • (Continues with text from "Get rid of Riccardo")
  • You ran away from the crime scene. The problem was that now both the Family and the law enforcement of the city were after you.
  • Just then you received a phone call from your sister. She had been sent to Riccardo's summer villa in the country of Valland some days prior.
  • You explained the situation to her and the two of you decide to meet up in the country of Rondon. There was no possibility of you living in Vatican City anymore.
  • You had to act fast before the police would catch up on you. What did you take with you before leaving the city?
    • Stock up on medical goods (Gain x2 Blue vials and Cloth fragment)
    • Stock up on food (Gain x2 Dried meat and Moldy bread)
    • Take your luxury products with you (Gain Heroin and Pep pills)
  • You took the first train that left the country. The destination was an obscure little town called Prehevil in the country of Bohemia. You had no idea where that place was, but you figured you could plan your trip better once you got there...

Special event - Caligura recognizes Marcoh

While resting in Mayor's Manor as Marcoh, there is a 50% chance that Caligura may appear, but the player may avoid a battle by selecting certain dialogue options. Additionally, Caligura has a 50% chance to appear while attempting to sleep in the Book Store as Marcoh anytime before Afternoon of Day 2.

As a party member

If recruited, Marcoh will have Combat jacket equipped, Bob and weave, Adrenaline rush and Bare-fisted proficiency skills learned.

Restraining the player

Marcoh will attempt to restrain the player character on the train and the PRHVL Bop if they kill a contestant while he is present. Marcoh shares this behaviour with Abella, Daan, Karin and Tanaka. Once the player is restrained, they will be forced to surrender, as struggling effectively does nothing. After this, the player will wake up, tied up, and be unable to move or act. For a while, they will only have the option to struggle in the ropes. After struggling, they will be given the option to give up and rest, up until Day 3 Night, in which the ropes will have mysteriously untied themselves. The player will be free (albeit with a very low hunger status) and every remaining contestant will have moonscorched by then. This will not happen if Marcoh is currently in the party, as he will simply ignore any contestants the player kills.

Location and recruiting

Until Day 2 Morning, Marcoh can be found inside of the train together with Olivia and Marina.

On Day 2 Morning/Evening, Marcoh and Tanaka will be in an altercation with Pav in front Restaurant Bílý Vůl if Pav was not previously injured in the scene at The Hollow Tower. If he survives this encounter, he will recover a wheelchair for Olivia, and if Tanaka was present, they will both return to the train where Marcoh will teach Tanaka boxing, making Marcoh unavailable for recruiting until Day 2 Night. Otherwise, Marcoh will return to the train on Day 2 Evening and be available for recruiting.

If Tanaka was with Marcoh in the altercation with Pav, both of them can be found right by the train, where Marcoh will teach Tanaka boxing. On Day 2 Night, Marcoh will become available for recruiting.

On Day 3 Morning, if not recruited, Marcoh will go on a supply run either alone or with Tanaka, and will moonscorch into Giant in the White Mold Apartments (Rher Dimension). Otherwise, on Day 3 Night, Marcoh will moonscorch into Giant.


Body Part HP Blunt Slashing Piercing Fire Otherwordly Ev. Rate Magic Ev. Resistances
Head 20 100% 100% 100% 120% 120% 80% 40% None
Torso 625 (2500) None None
Torso (Rot) 300 (1200) None None
Right Arm 300 None None
Left Arm 300 None None
Right Leg 300 None None
Left Leg 300 None None
  • Note: HP in parenthesis is only used for Damage-over-Time calculations.


Fear & Hunger Mode

Marcoh will attack the player twice per turn. He will first use Right Straight with his right fist, dealing a moderate amount of damage, and then two Quick Jabs with his left, dealing a small amount of damage. Both attacks combined will cause a considerable amount of damage provided they land. It is recommended to focus on Marcoh's right arm first, as his left arm's attack is significantly weaker and also tends to miss more often.

Masoχ-S/M Mode

Marcoh cannot be fought in Masoχ-S/M mode - see Giant.


→ See Marcoh/Dialogue

Battle start

  • Marcoh takes a boxing stance and looks very focused.
  • Marcoh: “Fine. Give it your best.”
    • Party member: (Line about not wanting to participate in a fight, each character has a unique line) (+Hesitation)


  • Marcoh: "Have you lost your mind? Why are we fighting each other?"


  • Marcoh: “...”
    • Player: [PERSUADE] “Why did it come down to this? I don't want to fight you.”
      • Marcoh: “... You tell me.”
        • Player: “It was all just a misunderstanding!”
          • Marcoh: “... So... You suggest we drop this?” Marcoh is hesitating. (+Hesitation)
        • Player: “Just stand back and we can both continue on our own ways.”
          • Marcoh: “... I don't think so. Your mindgames have no effect on me.”
      • If repeated:
      • Marcoh: “... Listen, I'm just not going to hear you out so don't even bother.”
    • Player: [INTIMIDATE] “Brawn before brains? Has that worked out for you?”
      • Marcoh: “It has worked just fine so far. I don't see it changing here.”
        • Player: “In a boxing ring you have the couch tell you what to do...”
          • Marcoh: “...” Looks like your words managed to create a seed of doubt in Marcoh's mind. (+Defence drop)
        • Player: “We'll see about that!”
          • Marcoh: “... You just like to talk, don't you? To hear your own voice?”
      • If repeated:
      • Marcoh: “... Listen, I'm just not going to hear you out so don't even bother.”
    • Player: “Wait, don't attack!”
      • Marcoh: “... Your mindgames have no effect on me.”
    • Player: “We don't need to do this!”
      • Marcoh: “... Your mindgames have no effect on me.”
    • Player: “Ready to die?”
      • Marcoh: “... I got no intentions of dying here.”
    • Player: Nevermind

Losing both arms (before losing balance)

  • Marcoh: “*Pant* *Pant* It's not over yet...”

Run (will always fail)

  • Marcoh: “Trying to run? I don't think so.”


“Marcoh is down...”
Action Result Flavour text
Use Brain flower Success “You've laid down the seed for the flower.”
Use Heart flower Success “You've laid down the seed for the flower.”
Beat him Nothing “No reaction. He is dead.”
Medical diagnosis Nothing
“He looks to be dead.”
If Daan is in the party:
“Seems dead to me. Don't know what else to say...”
Search (x3 Shillings, Duct tape and Combat jacket) Nothing
Leave Success Nothing
Devour Success “You devoured the remains.”
Harvest an organ Success Nothing
Saw off his head (Marcoh's head) Nothing
Necromancy Failure “The soul is too corrupted and frail to be summoned back to the body. The necromancy failed.”


  • Marcoh's name is a variation of Marcus. The name means 'warlike', from the Roman God of War, Mars.
  • His design was explicitly stated to be a reference to the manga and anime series JoJo's Bizzare Adventure. [1]
  • Marcoh loves small animals and has a certain way with them - he finds mice cute [2] and even has the ability to converse with frogs,[3] not dissimilar to the ability granted by the Mastery over Vermin skill.
  • Miro has stated that Marcoh's character and fighting style was influenced by Rocky Balboa, the protagonist of the Rocky film series. [4]