Samiri Zimri

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Samiri Zimri
Physical description
Gender Male

Samiri Zimri is a minor and unseen character in the series of Fear & Hunger, first mentioned in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. He is the author of Occult Grimoires, a book on basics of magick and ritual circles. As this book had to be translated by Oscar Renté by the events of 1942, it might be an indication that Samiri Zimri might not be from Bohemia, or even Europa.


  • Samiri Zimri's name is likely a reference to Prince Zimri, a leader of a family within the Tribe of Simeon during the time of the Israelites’ Exodus in the wilderness at the time when they were approaching the Promised Land. In Islam, Zimri appears under the name as-Sāmirī (الـسّٰامِرِي). Islam also assigns to him a major role in the earlier affair of the Golden Calf, which is not attested in the Bible, although this is only one of several theories for the man’s identity. The Islamic account attributes to Zimri/Samiri many of the actions which the Hebrew Bible assigns to Aaron - thus exonerating the latter, Islam's prophet Harun, from involvement in the sinful worship of the Calf.