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Background information
Type Nation · kingdom
Rivals Bremen Empire (during the Second Great War)
Locations Prehevil (former capital)

Bohemia is a location mentioned in the Fear & Hunger series. It is a small nation in Europa whose capital is centered at the city of Prehevil, where fourteen travelers are ultimately forced to participate in the Termina festival during 1942.


"The kingdom that is situated towards the eastern parts of Europa. The kingdom of Bohemia has been caught in a cross-fire between the kingdom of Rondon and Eastern Sanctuaries multiple times in recent history."
- The New Gods when asked about Bohemia.

A brass key which depicts a lion, Bohemia's national animal.

Not much is known about Bohemia's history besides its past about the conflicts between the Kingdom of Rondon and the Eastern Sanctuaries, other than that it is a relatively small and rural nation. There are no current references to its flag or uniform, but the lion on one of the brass city keys appears to be Bohemia's national animal. Bohemian nature is stated to be rather distinct: situated amidst various biomes, the forests boast a unique undergrowth that is exclusive to this country and cannot be found anywhere else in Europa.

Despite being often overlooked, Bohemia is very strategically-placed; Abella describes it as being "in the middle of many powerful countries". The Eastern Union utilized the nation to conduct "advanced electronic experiments", leading to the creation of the bunker system beneath Prehevil. During the Second Great War, the Bremen Empire -- under the leadership of Kaiser -- conducted a brutal campaign to invade Bohemia, ultimately leading to the occupation of Prehevil and the signing of a peace treaty.


  • Bohemia is a loose analogue to real-life Czechia, with its capital, Prehevil, being based on Prague. Game creator Miro Haverinen has stated that it leans towards a more remote and dubious portrayal, diverging from the nature of its real-world counterpart.