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Background information
Type Continent
Locations Bohemia, Bremen Empire, Charmagne-Lombard, Gaelia, Oldegård, Rondon, Valland, Vatican City, Voroniya

Europa serves as the continent setting in the Fear & Hunger series, acting as a parallel counterpart to real-life Europe. It encompasses the nations featured in both games and is depicted from a continuously evolving Western viewpoint.


European culture is regarded as the center of Western civilization, with special emphasis on the nation of Rondon. The continent of Europa is home to numerous nations that lack unity, primarily due to the devastating impact of the two Great Wars, resulting in widespread destruction and a significant number of war orphans. While there is more detailed information available on individual nations within Europa than on the continent as a whole, it is widely acknowledged that the worship of Alll-mer as the primary God is a common thread that currently binds the entire continent.