Studies of Gro-goroth I

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Studies of Gro-goroth I is an occult book found in Fear & Hunger.


  • Author: Unknown
  • Description: A book about the older god Gro-goroth.

" -Studies of Gro-goroth I- "

"To give room for new generations, for new trees to grow and usher - the prior forest needs to be burnt down. Such is the rule of creation. Creation and Destruction, one does not exist without the other. The destruction is called Gro-Goroth, the destroyer of men. A man fear destruction. Because a man gets accustomed to peace and quiet. The man grows fat and afraid of change. But change is inevitable, just as is Gro-Goroth. But there is no need for fear. As the destruction is of pure kind. It does not target one man specifically. It just exists. Interesting note on Gro-Goroth - he is curious kind. More so than many of the other older gods. To relieve the feeling of fear, Gro-Goroth wears bodies and skin of men and women alike. He might still be walking among us, masked under the skin of people and hanging bodies, blessing us with his blood magic."