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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Proceed at your own risk!

The Merchant is a non-playable character and a vendor in Fear & Hunger.


Standing by the entrance to the Dungeons of Fear and Hunger, The Merchant exploits any unfortunate visitors who require aid. When he meets the player, he notices their familiar vacant gaze, hinting that he has dealt with such adventurers before. While appearing helpful by offering curative potions, the Merchant's true motive is to deceive and profit by selling poison. He swiftly departs after each transaction, avoiding any consequences for his trickery.


After the player has delved deeper into the dungeon, The Merchant will appear at the Entrance, on the same map where the game starts.

He sells the "potion of full healing", the "potion of full sanity", and the "potion of life". However, all three items are deceitful; when consumed, the only thing they will do is poison the player.

He will disappear from the game after selling an item, likely to avoid being discovered.


If the player has not met the Merchant:

  • The Merchant: "Hello there dweller."
  • The Merchant: "Your eyes... They are starting to have that absent gaze in them already."
    • Player: "Who are you?"
      • The Merchant: "A little bird told me that these dungeons just swallowed a new set of poor bastards."
      • The Merchant: "I just saw a business opportunity, that's all."
      • The Merchant: "So what shall it be?"
    • Leave
      • The Merchant: "..."

If the player has met the Merchant:

  • The Merchant: "Hello there dweller. What shall it be this time?"

If the player purchased an item:

  • The Merchant: "Hm. Hm. Well my time here is done."
  • The Merchant: "Farewell."

If the player did not purchase an item:

  • The Merchant: "..."


  • Data within the game's project files hints at The Merchant making an appearance during the dream sequence set in Rondon. However, no additional specifics are currently accessible.