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Beggar overworld.png
Affiliation Prehevil
Physical description
Gender Male (presumably)
Species Human (Moonscorched)
Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Proceed at your own risk!

"Once a shitho', always a shitho'."

Beggar is a unique NPC encountered in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. He can be found near of the gate to Prehevil's streets.


He is an inhabitant of the Old Town of Prehevil. He's malformed and twisted, as seen on his face and body. He seems to be affected by the Festival of Termina, as caused by the Trickster Moon God, Rher. In spite of this, he doesn't seem hostile as other characters on town.

If you talk to him, he will give you info about the gate keys to get into the streets of the inner city.