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The Prehevil city.png
Warning! Spoilers ahead!

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Prehevil is the capital city of Bohemia, a country that was part of the Eastern Union. It is located in the north of the country, and serves as the main setting of Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.


"I'm originally from Prehevil. But I'd never admit in a conversation that I was from such a depressing and godforsaken small town." - Marina

Despite its medium size and relative isolation, Prehevil serves as Bohemia's capital. It appears to have been one of the first cities settled in the region, placed on the western coast of Lake Verdite and constructed around the mysterious Hollow Tower. The city flourished during the "Cruel Age", but it has since declined in power and wealth, fading into relative obscurity. Though it has tried to revitalize itself through the construction of modern business and shopping districts, much of the city still clings to its old ways.

From the outside, the citizens of Prehevil are known for their passionate worship of Alll-mer; however, those within the city would recognize their devotion to the old gods, which have been reflected in some of their more twisted practices.[1] Human sacrifices still appear to be conducted within the city, as is evidenced by a large ritual crucifix in the Old Town district.[2] The mayor seems to be at the behest of the city's clergy, who appears to exercise power over much of the city - they control the Church of Alll-mer and St. Domek's Orphanage, using both entities for their own gain, while abusing ordinary citizens through their use of occult magic and dark rituals. One visitor described Prehevil as "one of the more remote and unwelcoming cities in all of Bohemia, if not all of Europa."[3] Scholars originating from Prehevil display a surprising amount of knowledge in astrology. Their knowledge in this field is so profound that even the New Gods have taken notice of the fact.

Prior to the Second Great War, the city was occupied by the Eastern Union, which constructed vast underground bunker systems with the goal of creating a mysterious communications network.[4] Hoping to seize the project, the Bremen Empire (led by the infamous Kaiser) made an all-out push to conquer Bohemia, causing parts of the city to be bombed and destroyed, with landmines and barricades being placed to deter opponents. After occupying Prehevil, the Bremens abruptly signed a peace treaty with the Eastern Union, ending the war. During the conflict, the city became the center of some action by Nameless Liberty Underground (NLU), an organization hoping to uncover the purpose of the project.[5]

By the events of the game, Prehevil has been overtaken by the influence of the moon god Rher, whose servant Per'kele directs the mysterious Termina festival from The Hollow Tower. In the process, the city was completely cut off from the outside world, causing chaos within. Though the city's authorities attempted to impose martial law, these efforts failed as its population began to mutate due to moonscorch. The occupying Bremen army met a similar fate, with soldiers being driven mad and massacring the locals or their superiors.[6]

Levi and Marina, two of the protagonists from Fear & Hunger 2: Termina, were born in Prehevil.


Below is a list of major locations found in Prehevil.

Old Town

The Old Town is what remains of Prehevil's rural town roots, comprised of small village houses and huts along with the Mayor's manor. It was supposedly on a great decline even before the first Termina festival, with poverty issues and failing businesses being commonplace.

Maiden Forest

The Maiden Forest, or Maiden Woods is a large forest with a very rich bed of soil that surrounds the west end of the city. The deeper areas are quite dangerous and desolate, shrouding several secrets.

Main City

The Main City makes up the majority of Prehevil, and is full of modern apartments, stores, restaurants and facilities, grand tourist attractions, and ornate yet mysterious religious sites. A lot of the western end of the city was destroyed in the second great war, and even the more luxurious parts more recently fell into disrepair due to the previous Termina festivals.


Underneath Prehevil lay a network of large sewers, tunnels, caves and bunkers that are rarely (if not ever) seen by the general public, and are home to both nightmares and mysterious technology alike.

Entering the Main City

During gameplay, the main city section of Prehevil will likely be inaccessible to the player at the start of the game. Certain items or skills are required to enter from one of several different areas:

The player can access the city as soon as the game begins if they select specific intro choices when playing as Abella, Olivia, Levi or Marina. As Abella or Olivia, learn short circuit for entry via Tunnel 5 or Tunnel 6, as Levi, get a trenchgun to shoot the city gate open, or as Marina, get lucky and start with Vinushka's or Rher's skin bible at a random chance to access either the Deeper Woods shortcut or Golden Gates.


  • In the game data files, the data images of Prehevil are called Praha. Praha is the Czech spelling and pronunciation of their capital city in Czechia, Prague. Praha is derived from an old Slavic word, práh, which means "ford" or "rapid", referring to Prague's origin at a crossing point of the Vltava river. The same etymology is associated with the Praga district of Warsaw. Game creator Miro Haverinen based Prehevil visually on Prague, as confirmed in a Discord message.
  • Also going by the name of Praha in the images, along with the Cyrillic spelling and words written on walls found in Prehevil, and Bohemia's proximity to the Bremen Empire, one can surmise that Prehevil is located somewhere within Eastern Europa. It is also good to note that Bohemia is a part of real-life Czechia.