Cahara's ancestor

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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

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"You remember... The wolf deity teaching you his greatest secret..."
- The Book of Memories when used by Cahara.

Cahara's ancestor is an unseen character in Fear & Hunger. A mercenary like Cahara, the memories of his long-past life might be accessed by his descendant through the use of the Book of the Forgotten Memories.


Cahara's ancestor led a simple mercenary life with his relatives, although not without violence. Although he had masters to answer to, he was still able to have some degree of freedom through travelling to the known continents, where he would coldly murder his victims in the search of riches.

At some point of his life, the mercenary met a Wolf deity of the northern parts of the world, who would promise great knowledge at the price of the life of the mercenary's loved ones: the man accepted the deal, learning the greatest secret of the Wolf deity after beheading his own family.

Some of these secrets included the ability to steal with great proficiency and run at very fast speeds, secrets that would eventually be availed to one of his descendants, Cahara, through the use of the Book of the Forgotten Memories.

Warning! Speculation ahead!

Information below is hinted on, but wasn't directly confirmed in-game.

While not confirmed, the Wolf deity is likely an alternate form of Gro-goroth, as the Old God is known for wearing the skin of both man and beast to conceal his true nature. The fact that some followers of the Old God don a wolf mask further adds to this possibility, which has yet to be confirmed.