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"Don't make me feel sorry for you! I'm a cold hearted assassin after all you know?"
- Cahara after being begged for mercy.

Cahara is a playable character and a potential party member in Fear & Hunger. A mercenary, he is known for his dirty tactics in battle and crafty ways of gaining the advantage, doing whatever brings the silver to the table.


"He originates from the Eastern Sanctuaries. A bastard child left on his own at a very young age. Somehow this poor soul found his way to these dungeons..."
- The New Gods when asked about Cahara.

Cahara was born with the soul of the endless, a force that drove him to constantly yearn for freedom and explore the depths of his creativity. Unfortunately, life in the capital of the Eastern Sanctuaries, Jettaiah, proved to be a harsh and unforgiving environment for Cahara as he was abandoned by his parents, as soon as he was born, and left to fend for himself.

From a young age, Cahara was faced with a difficult decision: to become a pickpocket, a burglar or to struggle by leading an honest life as a merchant. However, regardless of his choice, his endless soul craved more than a mundane existence. As he grew older, Cahara joined various mercenary armies, mastering the dirtiest tricks to stay alive. Eventually, he was taken in by a notorious veteran highwayman and became a member of his small band of criminals and ex-soldiers.

Together, they traveled the lands, raiding and pillaging, until Cahara found himself settling down in the Kingdom of Rondon. The promise of money and opportunities to use his skills proved too tempting to resist, and Cahara soon found himself knee-deep in the city's underworld, willing to do whatever it took to get ahead. He would find a source of comfort by becoming romantically involved with Celeste, a prostitute who was trapped in indentured servitude at one of the kingdom's brothels. Despite her circumstances, they developed a strong bond, and her pregnancy might have strengthened his determination to earn enough money to buy her freedom.

One fateful day, Cahara received a daunting assignment from the kingdom's officials: he was promised a handsome reward if he could extract Le'garde, the enigmatic leader of the infamous Knights of the Midnight Sun, from the dreaded dungeons of fear and hunger. Despite feeling a sense of unease about the task from the outset, Cahara's need for coin overruled his reservations. The mission's peculiarity left him feeling nauseated, but he resolved to carry it out nonetheless. Having heard rumors about the perilous dungeons and the possibility of great treasures hidden within it's ancient ruins, he is well aware that this mission is a make-or-break moment for him.

In the event that Cahara is not selected as the main character, he will inevitably be captured, much like the man he was tasked with rescuing. Subsequently, he will be discovered locked in the dungeons.

Whether Cahara accomplished his family goals or even survived his ordeal in the Dungeons of Fear and Hunger remains a mystery, as there is no reference to him in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.

In his S ending, Cahara can been seen wielding a sword that looks identical to the Sabbath, a weapon that would later appear in Termina. The sword was created in the 1700s, which is strange, considering the fact that Cahara was born in 1564 and is unlikely to have lived beyond the mid 1600s (even assuming that he survived the horrors of the Dungeon). As of right now, it is unclear if this is supposed to be an easter egg, a simple oversight, or even a piece of information that will be of relevance in a future installment.


Among the playable characters, Cahara appears the most "normal" with no strong connections to the Dungeons of fear and hunger or its otherworldly powers. He is simply a mercenary hired to locate someone, oblivious to the grander scheme unfolding around him. Due to his upbringing, Cahara is a ruthless, opportunistic man who is more than willing to use cheap tricks to survive and gain the upper hand. As a true thief at heart, Cahara is consumed by greediness and a relentless obsession for treasure. Upon reaching the ancient city of Ma'habre, his immediate impulse is to plunder its riches. Despite this, Cahara seems to have a caring side, as his main reason for taking the mission is the large payment which would help him get Celeste out of her situation as well as provide for their child. He also expresses disdain for Le'garde's plan should Le'garde sit on the golden throne, saying that the bloodshed required for it to work is not worth the end result.

Cahara openly talks about having had romantic encounters with both women and men. If he happens to be in the same party as D'arce, he develops an obvious attraction for her, playfully referring to her as "dollface" and eagerly embracing the idea of entering into a Marriage of Flesh with her. He takes visible pride in his sexual prowess, claiming that few can match him "in this line of business."

There are several concerning actions that suggest something was amiss with Cahara even before he arrived in the dungeons of fear and hunger. These signs range from his uninhibited interest in the marriage of flesh ritual to attempting to harm the protagonist when confronted about abandoning his team. Additionally, he even expresses a willingness to face death in the Shit pit as an easy way out. In his S ending, despite enduring the horrors of the dungeon and achieving a life of luxury, Cahara remains haunted by a deep-seated post-traumatic stress disorder and scotophobia, finding it challenging to attain true comfort and inner peace.

Gameplay traits

Stat Starting Value
Attack 30
Defense 16
M.Attack 16
M.Defense 16
Agility 10
Luck 32
  • Has Scimitar and Leather vest equipped.
  • Has x3 Torch and x2 Lucky coin in inventory (if chosen as the main character).
  • Has the Endless soul, which unlocks the Endless skill tree in the Hexen Table.
  • Can use all weapons but the Dagger and the Skeletal arm.
  • Has no Equipment/Armor restrictions.
  • Can be chosen to form Marriages and Marriages (Fusion).
  • Cannot be sacrificed at ritual circles.

Character History

If skipped:
If not skipped:
  • You were born with the soul of the endless that makes you yearn for freedom and forces you to push your creativity to its limits.
  • You put your creativity to test in the most harshest of enviroments. You were born and soon abandoned in the capital of the Eastern Sanctuaries - Jettaiah.
  • You had to choose at a very young age to either become a pickpocket, a burglar or try to struggle and lead a honest life...
    • Become a pickpocket (Gain Steal)
    • Become a burglar (Gain Lockpicking)
      • Your life spent learning thievery certainly didn't go to waste. You learned to live with constant fear and danger over the years. The crude streets of Jettaiah teached you valuable lessons.
    • Lead a honest life (Gain x30 Silver coin)
      • You struggled through your early life, but managed to get by as a merchant of sorts. Your skills of haggling and speech improved over the years and you also managed to gather some savings.
      • However your endless soul yearned for more... You couldn't just become a family man, grow fat and make a living as a mere merchant. You were destined for more.
  • As you grew older you took part in various mercenary armies and learned the dirtiest tricks to stay alive. You were taken in by a notorious veteran highwayman and you joined his little band of criminals and ex-soldiers.
  • During one of your many raids, your brigade got ambushed. The odds were seriously against you. You could have just abandoned your comrades and kept you life, or you could have fought to your last breath...
    • Abandon your comrades (Gain Escape plan)
    • Fight to the last breath (Gain x30 Silver coin)
      • Not many survived the ambush, but that just meant that the mission rewards got less takers. You were one of the lucky ones.
  • You travelled across the land in your raids and eventually settled down in the Kingdom of Rondon where silver was loose as long as you were up for getting your knife dirty.
  • One day you got an ominous task from the officials of the kingdom. You are to be paid well in silver if you get a captain of a fabled mercenary army out of the dungeons of Rondon itself.
  • From the dungeons of Fear and Hunger. The morbid place has been used as a wartime prison by the kingdom and for some reason they need an outside sword like yourself to infiltrate their very own stronghold.
  • Something is clearly not right about this mission and you have felt nauseua since the the moment you agreed on the job. But you are short on silver and the reward is all that matters in the end.
  • You spent your last night in the kingdom...
    • Go drinking and get laid at the brothel (Gain a Wine vial, a Bottle of whiskey, and an Ale)
      • You also get an itch in your groin area...
    • Stock up food for the mission (Gain x3 Dried meat, a Moldy bread, and a Cheese)
    • Stock up healing items for the mission (Gain a Blue vial and x2 Cloth fragment)
    • Run straight for your mission (Gain Dash)
  • (If Hard Mode is on)
    • This really is your make-or-break mission. There is a person back in the city relying on you to return with riches. You have heard rumours about this place and you are sure that there are great treasures hidden somewhere in these ruins...
    • So even if the mission was to go south for some reason, you are not going to return empty handed.

Cahara has one of the best intros among the playable characters. His starting skills can give the player an advantage in gathering resources in the first choice, or a major advantage in combat in the second choice. This combined with the option to replace those skills with coins provides the player with great versatility. He is also the only character who can learn Dash in the intro without the need to sacrifice any other items or skills.

If one wants to start a run with arguably the best starting skills and equipment, the choices that must be made are as follows:

  • Don't skip the intro.
  • "Become a burglar"
  • "Abandon your comrades"
  • "Run straight for your mission"

These are the best choices, because Lockpicking will allow you to open most doors early in the game, while Escape plan and Dash will make it easier for you to avoid unnecessary fights. Choosing Lockpicking will also make En garde and Steal automatically available in the Hexen table.[2]

As a party member

If recruited, Cahara will have no skills at his disposal. He also has no unique downsides or traits, alongside normal stats and no equipment restrictions. Overall, Cahara is pretty average for a party member, making him a good companion for beginners.[3]

Recruitable human characters under 50 Mind points may attempt to leave the party in certain locations, forcing the protagonist to either leave them behind and recover their sanity through items or convince them to resume the journey without defecting. Cahara, in particular, has a special interaction with D'arce and Ragnvaldr, as they will prevent him from leaving. The same works the other way around for D'arce, as he will do the same for her when her Mind points are low.

Special event - King's crown

If the player happens to complete Isayah's treasure sidequest and open the last treasure chest with Cahara in their party, he will ask the player to give him the King's crown. Complying will effectively remove the item from the player's inventory, while refusing to do so will cause Cahara to steal the crown when changing maps and disappear forever for that run. As the crown has no value, unless the player is playing as Cahara himself on Hard mode, it is best to comply with his request, as doing so will ensure that he stays in the party.

Location and recruitment

To recruit Cahara, the player must first choose to not play as him and play the game either on "Fear & Hunger" or "Terror & Starvation" difficulty. Once both requirements are fulfilled, Cahara can be found in the upper left cell in the level 3 prisons. To open his cell, the player must either use a cell key, an item dropped by the guards, or use the Lockpicking skill. Once his cell is open, he explains briefly that he's on a mission to find a man before asking to join your party. If denied or the player's party has no room, he will leave on his own and will not be seen again in-game.

However, it is not over yet, as him joining seems to be a ruse; as soon as the player transitions to a new area, he'll leave, taking some of your supplies with him. The items that he steals will be in the following order:[4]

  • x1 Light blue vial.
  • x1 Blue vial, if the player has no light blue vials.
  • x20 Silver coin, in case the player has no blue vials.
  • x20 Bottle of whiskey, if the player has no silver coins.

After this, Cahara can be found again at the passageway from the mines to the level 7 catacombs. The player can either call him out on his trick to attack him or let him join the party permanently (there is no prompt asking if the player wishes Cahara to join the party, as long as the party is not full and the player chooses to not call him out, Cahara will automatically join you). However, if the party is full when this interaction happens, he will leave the scene and be slain by an unknown creature on the same map. If one aims to recruit Cahara, it is recommended to have a space on the party for him, as failing to let him join you in both of his interactions will make him unavailable for recruitment later on.


Body Part HP Blunt Slashing Piercing Fire Otherwordly Ev. Rate Magic Ev. Resistances
Head 20 125% 100% 100% 100% 100% 55% 40% None
Torso 425 (1700) 5% None
Left arm 20 85% None
Right arm 20 85% None
Left leg 20 5% None
Right leg 20 5% None


As one of the few recruitable party members in the game, it is recommended to simply avoid fighting him or just let him join your party. If the player wants to outright avoid dealing with him, it is best to simply let him stay in his cell or free him from imprisonment and then reject his offer to join you, as doing either of these will prevent latter encounters. If the player does enconter him in the passageway, it is best to just let him join your party by selecting the second dialogue option, as the player can just use him as a meat shield or just cut all of his limbs if they don't want him to become a permanent member. If the party is full, Cahara will simply leave and get killed later on, although if he dies this way, he won't return your stolen items if you loot his corpse.

However, if you want to fight Cahara, either because you want your stolen items back or his Endless soul, you should be prepared as he can be a very tricky enemy to deal with. Cahara's sword arm will do two attacks per turn, with each one having a 95% chance of inflicting bleeding and removing an arm. Meanwhile his empty hand will either steal an item from your inventory or use a light blue vial to heal himself. The items that he can steal from you are in the following order:[5]

  • Blue vials
  • Silver Coins
  • Explosive vials
  • Bottles of whiskey
  • White vials

As Cahara's arms have an 80% evasion, the fastest way to defeat him is to ignore his arms and target his legs instead. Once his legs reach 0 HP, the head will be vulnerable for a headshot. To avoid losing any limbs, Arm guards or the Salmonsnake soul are recommended as avoiding any damage in this fight is unlikely. He also takes 125% damage from the Piercing damage type, making it the preferable damage type when fighting him.

Item drops

What can be gained by searching his body will change depending on what he stole from the player and the way that he died. If the player spares Cahara but doesn't let him join the party on the passageway, his corpse will be found later on, and the player will be able to gain 1 leather vest and 25 silver coins from his corpse. Meanwhile, if he is killed in his first enconter on level 3, he will just give you his leather vest.

Note: Due to a bug, the leather vest may not be available in your inventory.

Meanwhile, if the player chooses to fight and kill Cahara on the passageway, his loot will be based on what he stole from the player on their first encounter. Here are the possible options:[6]

  • x2 Light blue vial, if he stole 1 light blue vial.
  • x3 Blue vial, if he stole 1 blue vial.
  • x25 Silver coin, if he stole 20 silver coins.
  • x2 Bottle of whiskey, if he stole 20 bottles of whiskey.

If you try to steal from Cahara you will gain nothing and he will call you out on it.

Cahara has an Endless soul, which can be acquired if the player uses a soul stone on his body. Doing so will remove the need to fight the Skin Granny and accept Nilvan's offer, while also unlocking the Endless skill tree at the Hexen table. If the player rejects Nilvan's request, killing Cahara will become the only way to gain an Endless soul without using an Empty scroll.


See Cahara's dialogue.



Dungeon Nights

Cahara appears in the secret dating sim mode, Dungeon Nights, as a playable character and potential love interest. In this mode, Cahara takes the role of the perverted class clown who plays pranks on others. He also seem to enjoy some of Nas'hrah's trash talk and will laugh at his furious rants.

If the player chooses not to play as Cahara, they will be able to go to the prom with him if they manage to raise his relationship meter to a total of five "hearts". To succeed in Cahara's Route, do the following:[7]

  • 1 Day
    • Give one of these answers during class: "There is no continent there." or "It's Jettaiah."
    • Go to The Prisons and find a Dirty magazine.
  • 2 Day
    • Show him the Dirty magazine, but don't let him have it.
  • 3 Day
    • Give the "What about the moon god?" answer during class.
    • Agree to prank the teacher. Go to bed and choose to wait for Cahara.
    • When asked if their prank was a date, say "Yes, I guess it was!".
  • 4 Day
    • Ask him to be your date (if everything was done correctly, he should say yes).


  • Long before the development of Fear & Hunger, game creator Miro Haverinen enrolled in concept art classes. At that time, Cahara was envisioned as a vampire hunter, while Celeste took on the role of a female vampire. They were eventually repurposed for the game.
  • As stated by game creator Miro Haverinen in the official Fear & Hunger Discord server, Cahara's name is a play on the word "character." He states that this was the default that he gave to his characters that did not have names, and kept this name for him because it has a "desert/bandit vibe".
  • Cahara's background story tells of his abandonment soon after birth, leaving him to fend for himself. However, if the player chooses him as the protagonist and comes across the Dagger in the Courtyard, memories surface of him practicing swordfighting with his father. Whether this memory truly speaks of his own father, another man he regarded as a father figure, or if it is simply an oversight remains a mystery to be confirmed.
  • Haverinen has expressed interest in a suggestion from a player of implementing a gameplay adjustment in Terror & Starvation mode for Cahara, wherein the character would be portrayed as illiterate, needing the presence of a literate party member to properly examine books. However, this idea was never put into practice.
  • The absence of any mention of Cahara in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina has sparked curiosity about his fate post the events of Fear & Hunger. Haverinen has responded, stating that Cahara's non-appearance in Termina "tells a story too" and suggests that players can piece together his fate from fragments of information scattered throughout Termina.
  • In a message sent by Miro Haverinen in the official Fear & Hunger Discord server, he envisions Cahara at about ~177cm in height (~5'10" in ft./in.).



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