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Warning! Nudity ahead!

This page contains depictions of genitals and / or sex.

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

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The Wolfmasks are followers of the old god Gro-goroth, who don wolf masks and fur attire to indulge in self-mutilation and cannibalism as a tribute to their god. Some of them can be encountered as non-player characters in Fear & Hunger.


Wolfmasks appear as half-naked humans clad in fur clothing. The participants of the feast are induced into a trance-like state, with many of them consuming each other, biting off severed limbs and even feeding their own body parts to one another. Interestingly, despite their actions, all of them are alive and seem to be in a state of trance or peaceful contentment. Additionally, some individuals exhibit signs of sexual arousal and agitation during the ritual, calling the event a "celebration of flesh". This craving for flesh is potent enough to ensnare individuals and push them into a state of madness.

Location and behaviour

The Wolfmasks can be found in Level 6 Mines, after jumping down a bloody hole in the Cavedweller village. Most of them are engrossed in cannibalism, but among them, one stands asking the player to join the feast.

Participating in the feast will completely restore hunger of all members of the party and increase your affinity with Gro-goroth. The first time carries no consequences. Attempting to join the feast again forces a coin flip, if you fail, you will be driven mad by the lust of flesh and receive a game over.


The Player and Moonless near the Wolfmasks