Cavedweller (Merchant)

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Cave dweller 3 overworld.png
Cavedweller merchant dead.png
Affiliation Possibly the God of the Depths
Inflicted phobias
Phobias Erotophobia
Physical description
Gender Female
Species Cavedweller
Spiritual Information
Soul Lesser soul
Item drops
Search Nothing
Steal (Egg) (Gnome milk)
Battle Theme
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Warning! Nudity ahead!

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The Cavedweller merchant is a non-playable character and a possible unique enemy encountered in Fear & Hunger. She is also one of the few vendors found in the game.


Seated upon a rug positioned at the center of the Cavedweller Village, this female Cavedweller is surrounded by an assortment of boxes brimming with items, willing to barter with wanderers. Being the sole individual among her clan to apparently entertain the notion of such exchanges, she might have been the one responsible for trading supplies with Captain Rudimer in return for the Cube of the Depths when the darkness started to spread among the dungeons of fear and hunger.

The merchant herself wears a yellow headpiece, similar to the ones worn by Yellow mages, perhaps also acquired through barter.

Location and behaviour

If the player has not angered the Cavedwellers, the player will be able to buy useful items from her. She has two different item selections, one of which will be selected at the start of the player's run with 50% chance each.

Item selection Item Cost
Pool 1
Blue vial1 small.png
Blue vial
10 Silver coins
Light blue vial1 small.png
Light blue vial
20 Silver coins
White vial1 small.png
Explosive vial
15 Silver coins
Bottle of whiskey small.png
Bottle of whiskey
10 Silver coins
Quill small.png
5 Silver coins
Pool 2
Blue vial1 small.png
Blue vial
10 Silver coins
Dried meat1 small.png
Dried meat
5 Silver coins
White vial1 small.png
Explosive vial
15 Silver coins
Opium powder small.png
Opium powder
10 Silver coins
Iron arrow small.png
Iron arrow
20 Silver coins


Body part HP
Head 20
Torso 350
Arms 20 each
Legs 20 each
Breasts 20
  • Note: HP in parenthesis is only used for Damage-over-Time calculations.


The Cavedweller merchant generally takes 25% increased damage from the Slashing damage type. Her head takes only 20% increased damage from the Slashing damage type, possibly due to her yellow headpiece. She cannot be unbalanced, even if her breasts are cut off. Note that if the party escapes her and return to this combat encounter, the Cavedweller merchant's breasts and arms will be automatically regenerated.

She, like the regular Cavedwellers, is among the easiest opponents. Her only source of damage is the hand holding the rock. Once it is cut off, she has no means of attacking, and can be easily defeated.






  • In game files, she is named Cavedweller (Alt. Female).