Cube of the Depths

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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

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The Cube of the Depths is an object associated with the God of the Depths and is one of the main key items needed to travel to the ancient city of Ma'habre during Fear & Hunger.


The discovery of this object traces back to the uncharted lands of Vinland, where a group of Oldegårdian adventurers collected it in the year 1577. The purpose behind its presence in that remote place remains shrouded in mystery, yet it held a profound fascination for one individual: Le'garde, the leader of the Knights of the Midnight Sun. Le'garde hatched a plan to invade the Kingdom of Oldegård in 1590, all with the sole aim of obtaining the cube, as it was needed as part of his plan of ascension within the dungeons of Fear and Hunger.

Following Le'garde's eventual imprisonment, the enigmatic cube found itself in the possession of Captain Rudimer. In dire need of supplies within the unforgiving dungeons under his command, Captain Rudimer made the decision to trade the object to the Cavedwellers. These primal beings, aware of the object's connection to the God of the Depths, placed it upon a rudimentary altar in close proximity to the dormant god.

The cube possesses the ability to activate the Beacon of the Depths, a mysterious contraption enabling individuals to traverse between past and present versions of the ancient city of Ma'habre. As Le'garde did eventually reach ascension, it becomes apparent that the cube was eventually removed from the guardianship of the Cavedwellers.


It is found in Level 6 - Altar of darkness, within the Cavedweller village. It is inside a hut, guarded by a Cavedweller (Spear Male). Note that picking up this item will cause all Cavedwellers to become aggressive towards the player unless they equip the Stone crown beforehand to avoid this encounter.


It acts as a key to enter Ma'habre through the Tombs of the Gods' gate. It is also used as a way to travel between the past and present-day Ma'habre via the Beacon of the Depths devices located throughout the city of the gods. One also needs it when wanting to recruit Nas'hrah into their party.


  • It is possible to receive the Cube of the Depths from an Empty scroll; however, the player will only receive a fake version, rendering it useless.
  • The cube makes a reappearance in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina as an interactable mockup object in the dream workshop while it is also implied through the following storyline.
    • The cube also makes an appearance in Ending A on the chest of Logic, although this version of the cube has Vinushka's sigil on it.