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This page contains the soundtrack from Fear & Hunger. For the soundtrack from Fear & Hunger 2: Termina, see Soundtrack F&H2.

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Name Location Music track
1 Ghostpocalypse - 5 Apotheosis Intro Cinematic
2 Fear & Hunger Title screen
3 Eastern Wind At the intro
4 Minor Terror At the Entrance/Inner hall/Prisons
5 Basement of Flies At the Basement
6 Mist Jingle At the Backyard
7 Muted Aggression In battle against most regular enemies
8 The Four Apostles In battle against most unique enemies
9 God of the Depths At the Mines and the Altar of Darkness
10 Creaking Throat of a God At the Thicket
11 Tomb of the Gods At the Tombs of the Gods
12 Ancient City At the present Ma'habre
13 Endless Loop At the dream sequence of Kingdom of Rondon/Oldegård Forests
14 Ma'habre Streets At the past Ma'habre
15 Song for Torment At the Grand Library/Temple of Torment/Golden Temple
16 The Gauntlet At the Gauntlet
17 Pulse and Anxiety In battle against most boss enemies, as well as Nas'hrah
18 The Ascension At the Void
19 Prelude to Darkness Ending
20 EXTRA TRACK - Everyday Schoolday
21 EXTRA TRACK - Dungeon Groove