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A couple of cavegnomes appear out of the darkness!
Relatives Cavemother (mother)
Item drops
Search Nothing
Steal Nothing
Battle Theme

The Cavegnome is one of the first enemies encountered in Fear & Hunger.


The Cavegnomes are diminutive, winged gnome-like beings spawned by the Cavemother. Viewing them as expendable and holding them in scant regard, she employs the Cavegnomes to carry out her bidding.


Two Cavegnomes can be found flying around in level 3 - Prisons. In the vicinity of Level 4 - Caverns, players can expect to encounter either 2 or 3 Cavegnomes, contingent upon the randomly generated map at the start of their run. Unlike most other monsters, the Cavegnomes will not directly chase the player and mostly move around in slow, random patterns. They will, however, veer in the direction of the player if they are nearby. Even standing still makes the Cavegnomes unable to initiate a battle.

As Cavegnomes are flying creatures, Bear traps will not work on them.

They also appear when called in the Cavemother fight.


Body Part HP Blunt Slashing Piercing Fire Otherwordly Ev. Rate Magic Ev. Resistances
Cavegnome 100 100% 120% 100% 100% 100% 5% None None


They have low health and possess only one weak attack - Gnaw - which causes 8-12 Slashing damage and has a 25% chance to cause bleeding and 30% chance to infect an arm or leg. The fight begins with 2 Cavegnomes present by default and at the end of the first turn they will call for one more, after which they will call another on the third turn and a final one on the fifth turn. Therefore, the player should focus on defeating them before they have the chance to call reinforcements.

There is a surprising amount of tricks one can use to make the encounter easier. If a player has a Yellow vial (obtained from milking the Cavemother), they can throw it at the gnomes (via Talk), which will end the encounter altogether.

Using the Kueh~! option while talking will confuse them for a turn. This can be used multiple times to keep the Cavegnomes from attacking while a party member takes them out.

Saying KAAW KAAW! to them replicates their help call and will make one Cavegnome appear sooner.

The Cavegnomes disappear upon death and drop no loot, so it is useful to avoid them altogether or run when encountering them to avoid any infections.



  • You try talking to cavegnome...
    • Player: “KAAW KAAW!”
      • Cavegnome: “KAW! KAW! KAW!”
    • Player: “Kueh~!”
      • Cavegnome: “Kueh...?” (+Confused)
    • Player: “Just die.”
      • This creature doesn't respond.
    • If player has Yellow vial
    • Offer Yellow vial
      • You give yellow muckus to cavegnomes...
      • Cavegnomes feast on the muckus and leave you alone. (Battle end)


  • If the player stands still while the Cavegnome approach it, it won't initiate the combat and instead will phase through the player's sprite.