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Being the second half of the series' title, management of Hunger plays a large part in the player's continued survival. It may be managed with the consumption of food items, as well as skills such as Devour and Simple Transmutation.


While in the overworld, each character's Hunger level will slowly grow over time. Once their Hunger level reaches 50%, the character will begin to suffer from negative status effects. These will severely affect their performance in combat, and will eventually cripple and kill them if progressed too far.

  • Hunger LVL 1 status.png Hunger Stage I will reduce the character's maximum Body to 90, and reduce their attack stat by 50%.
  • Hunger LVL 2 status.png Hunger Stage II will further reduce the character's maximum Body to 80 (F&H1 only).
  • Hunger LVL 3 status.png Hunger Stage III will further reduce the character's maximum Body to 70 (F&H1 only), and reduce their attack stat by 70%.
  • Hunger LVL 4 status.png Hunger Stage IV will further reduce the character's maximum Body to 50 (F&H1 only). It will also disable the character's legs, forcing them into a slow crawl for movement.
  • Hunger LVL 5 status.png Hunger Stage V will further reduce the character's maximum Body to 30 (F&H1 only). It will also inflict Blindness on the character.

A character will die if their Hunger reaches 100 (or 0, in Termina).

Each food item consumed will reduce a character's Hunger by a set amount.

If a character consumes food while they have a Hunger debuff, the debuff(s) will persist until they start to lose Hunger again.

In Fear & Hunger

In Fear & Hunger, Hunger increases from 1 to 100.

  • Hunger Stage I starts at 49 Hunger.
  • Hunger Stage II starts at 69 Hunger.
  • Hunger Stage III starts at 79 Hunger.
  • Hunger Stage IV starts at 89 Hunger.
  • Hunger Stage V starts at 94 Hunger.

1 Hunger is added every 13 seconds on all difficulties.

Getting the Parasites status will decrease the timer by 6 seconds until the character is cured.

In Fear & Hunger 2: Termina

In Termina, Hunger starts to deplete once the player leaves the area with the train. Hunger decreases from 99% to 0%.

The speed of Hunger depletion depends on what difficulty has been chosen:

  • Easy(er) - 1 Hunger per 23.31 seconds
  • Fear & Hunger - 1 Hunger per 20 seconds
  • Masox-s/m - 1 Hunger per 13.33 seconds

Getting Slow metabolism skill will increase the timer by 37 seconds.

If a character's Hunger reaches 69%, their Hunger will be shown as "68.99%".