Lord of flies (Infected)

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Lord of flies
Lord of flies (Infected).png

The lord of flies is smirking at you...
Lord of flies overworld infected.png
Lord of flies overworld corpse.png
Aliases Snatcher, Body Snatcher
Relatives Valteil (creator)
Affiliation Valteil
Inflicted phobias
Phobias Teratophobia, Zoophobia
Biographical information
Place of birth Ma'habre
Spiritual Information
Soul None
Item drops
Search (Raw meat)
(Orange vial)
(x3 Blue herbs and x2 Small seeds)
Steal (Small seeds)
(Raw meat)
Battle Theme
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The Lord of flies (Infected) is a unique enemy encountered in Fear & Hunger.


Valteil the enlightened one, in his attempts to understand the secrets of life, he accidentally created this being.
- The New Gods when asked about the Lord of flies.

A strange, soulless creature created by Valteil. It resembles a monstrous humanoid covered in shaggy hair and empty sockets in place of eyes that only barely remembers being created. It wanders the desolate streets of Ma'habre, looking for any potential victims to snatch and take away for their master. The Lord of flies exudes a foul stench from its grimy fur, likely stemming from the presence of wriggling maggots beneath its surface.


If the player enters the (Ancient City-Temple District) from the right, in the present they can head left into a building and find the only infected Lord of the flies inside. They can also get to that same infected Lord of the flies by going into the building to the right of the obelisk in the (Ancient city-Temple District). It will chase the player even if they are wearing the Fur outfit, possibly due to the effects of the brain flower.


Body part HP
Head 20
Torso 3100
Arms 400 each
Legs 20 each
Brain Flower 20
Body Part Skill Effect Condition Chance Success Rate
Head Bad Breath Deals 16-24 damage, 95% chance of applying the Poisoned status effect. Always 25% 90%
Head Tilt Nothing. Always 75% 100%
Torso Tackle Deals 16-24 damage. Armless 100% 100%
Right Arm Hairy Palm Deals 24-36 damage. Always 100% 90%
Left Arm Hairy Palm Deals 24-36 damage. Always 100% 90%
  • Note: HP in parenthesis is only used for Damage-over-Time calculations.


Lord of Flies take 120% damage from the Fire damage type.

Both hands will use Hairy Palm which deals 24-36 damage and will be used even if the player cuts off the head of the creature in the first turn.

Sometimes when facing the creature, the smell will "hit" the player and they will be faced with a coin toss. Failing the coin flip will cause the player character to vomit and lose a fixed damage for 10bp.

This enemy is very dangerous, much moreso than the uninfected variant, as you cannot stun it through dialogue options while also needing to worry about the Brain Flower atop its head. Killing the flower first is advised to prevent it from infecting you, which is a status effect that essentially removes a party member from battle until Worm Juice is used on them, but even worse than that, said party member can attack teammates and themselves, making them dangerous in addition to useless. Using turns attacking the flower will, however, open up the Lord's arms to hit you as often as they'd like, doing sizeable damage twice a turn.

Attacking the head first is ill-advised, as you're still able to be Pollinated, hit with the creature's arms, and poisoned from Bad Breath even postmortem, so it's important to kill this enemy with multiple party members taking out its dangerous parts if you must fight it at all. Avoiding this enemy is highly preferable.


In combat:

  • Intro:
    • A terrible scent eminates from the lord of flies!
  • Intro 2:
    • The lord of flies is smirking at you...
  • Intro 3:
    • The moment you come to close vicinity of the beast, you smell its repulsive odor eminating from the filthy fur on its back.
    • The smell hits you like a wall. It doesn't help that you see maggots crawling under the surface of the fur...
    • If the player calls the coin toss:
      • You manage to control your immediate reaction to throw up and brace yourself.
    • If the player fails to call the coin toss:
      • You cannot fight against it. You vomit violently to a degree that you damage your lungs! (Note: The player loses 10 HP.)
  • If talked to:
    • You try talking some sense to this monstrosity..
    • Player: "What is your origin?"
      • The creature is unable to mutter a word. Seems like he is being controlled by an outside force...
    • Player: "Wait. We don't have to fight!"
      • The creature is unable to mutter a word. Seems like he is being controlled by an outside force...
    • Player: "Please don't!"
      • The creature is unable to mutter a word. Seems like he is being controlled by an outside force...
    • Player: "Prepare to die."
      • The creature is unable to mutter a word. Seems like he is being controlled by an outside force...



Special interaction

If the player manages to be defeated by the coin toss due to strong of a smell and odor the Lords have on their furs, their body will be taken away by the Lord of flies and taken somewhere within Ma'habre. The player will then wake up in the cage after it is gone and can get out rather easily. However, the player will be separated from their team, requiring them to find where they are while traversing the dangerous streets and trying to avoid any unnecessary conflicts. Note that if the player fails to escape the cage, this will result a game over.


  • Its name is most likely referencing the title of a demon or god called Beelzebub. Depending on the sources, Christian theology views him as a demon, and the other as a God by the Philistines. In demonology, he is considered one of the Seven Princes of Hell. Because of his ability to fly, he had earned the title of the Lord of the Flies or Lord of the Flyers.
    • It is also possible that the name comes from William Golding's classic novel, Lord of the Flies, which tells the story of a group of school boys turning on each other after being stranded on an island together.
  • There are unused content in the game's database that gave the Lords of the Flies more of a demonic and devil-like appearance, further reinforcing the Beelzebub reference. It can be assumed that the creator of the game, Miro Haverinen, wanted to focus more on its hairy and stinky aspect as a mechanic and to probably make it less demonic like.