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Disguise outfits in Fear & Hunger serve as equipment that can diminish the level of aggression displayed by specific enemies towards the player and refrain them from pursuing the party upon sight. With the combination of a Skinning Knife for resource collection and an Assassin's Handbook I, players have the ability to craft three of the four available disguises.

It is important to emphasize that there is no requirement to attire any accompanying party members in disguise for it to be effective. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that even while wearing a disguise, players can still initiate combat encounters if they stand too close to an enemy. The disguises will not work on infected enemy variations.


Name Target disguise Image Obtained by
Guard outfit small.png
Guard outfit
Ghoul outfit small.png
Ghoul outfit
Mercenary ghouldress.png
Fur outfit small.png
Fur outfit
Mercenary fliesdress.png
Priest's robe small.png
Priest's robe
  • Priest (allows player to talk to them)
  • Drops from Priest
  • Rare chest loot