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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Proceed at your own risk!

Map #2 is a map found in Fear & Hunger. It is a treasure map which reveals a location from the precious items in Ma'habre.


Can be obtained by buying the map from Isayah for 50 silver coins, or taken off his corpse, at the entrance.


The second map is a representation of the area outside the Grand Library with the statue whose eyes hum when inspected. The pacing and steps are unclear from the statue, however keeping to the left side and trying to interact with the ground in horizontal rows above the statue will eventually yield the correct spot. The player will receive 70 silver coins.

Solution to Map#2

Note that while these map landmarks are in the past Ma'habre, this chest can only be unearthed in the present and even if you are at the correct location, they cannot be dug up in the past.