Princess Elizabeth

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Princess Elizabeth
Relatives Buckman (unspecified relative)
Affiliation Kingdom of Rondon (princess)
Biographical information
Place of birth Kingdom of Rondon
Physical description
Gender Female
Species Human

Princess Elizabeth is a minor and unseen character from the Fear & Hunger series. She is a princess of the Kingdom of Rondon.


Little information is available about Princess Elizabeth, other than the historical designation of being known as the virgin princess. In passing, the book Recipes of the 15th century briefly mentions rumors of a romantic liaison between Elizabeth and Chef Andérs, a notorious figure who served in the royal kitchen of Rondon and renowned for his ability to captivate the affections of courtly ladies. As a member of the royal family, Elizabeth shares an unspecified familial connection to Lord Ludwig Buckman, the Crown Prince of Rondon.


  • While mention of Princess Elizabeth is found at the version of Recipes of the 15th century that is available in Fear & Hunger, both her name and designation as a virgin princess are only stated at a later revision of the same book, the one that can be collected during the events of Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.