Ser Andérs

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Ser Andérs
Affiliation Kingdom of Rondon
Biographical information
Date of birth 1557 [1]
Date of death 1590
Physical description
Gender Male
Species Human
  1. Basement's graveyard: "Here lies Ser Andérs. 1557-1590"

Ser Andérs is an unseen character in Fear & Hunger. An infamous chef who worked at the royal kitchen of Rondon, he has been deceased before the game starts and his name is included among the many inscriptions found on tombstones scattered throughout the dungeons of fear and hunger.


Ser Andérs gained notoriety during his time as a chef in the royal kitchen of Rondon due to his romantic exploits with court ladies, including a rumored liaison with the famous virgin princess Elizabeth. Additionally, rumors abound that Chef Andérs had a bitter rivalry with his predecessor, Alexej, which ultimately led to Alexej's murder. In a macabre turn, it is said that Chef Andérs secretly prepared a feast for the royal court using the remains of his victim.

These rumors are recounted in both volumes of "Recipes of the 15th century," cookbooks that purportedly chronicle Chef Andérs' life and times as the royal chef. While the veracity of these rumors cannot be confirmed, they have contributed to Chef Andérs' infamy.

It is unclear why, but Chef Andérs was at one point reportedly assigned to the Dungeons of Fear and Hunger, where he was given the honorific title of "Ser." Along with many of his peers, Ser Andérs perished under unknown circumstances within the dark depths of the dungeon. His remains were interred in a small burial ground located in the basement of the dungeon. Andérs' epitaph includes a heartfelt wish from someone who knew him, expressing the hope that they will be able to taste his culinary creations once again in the afterlife.