Recipes of the 15th century

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This page is about the book from Fear & Hunger. For the book of the same name from Fear & Hunger 2: Termina, see Recipes of the 15th Century Vol. 1 (F&H2) and Recipes of the 15th Century Vol. 2 (F&H2).

Recipes of the 15th century is an instructional book found in Fear & Hunger.

The book teaches how to craft the following items: Meatpie, Vegetable pie, Blueberry pie, Mix'n'match stew, Mushroom stew and Bacon & eggs


  • Can be found randomly in Bookshelves.
  • Sold by Ancient Figurine for 80 silver coins.


  • Author: Unknown
  • Description: The book contains recipes of various meat dishes.

The book is about various recipes from the famous chef Andérs of the royal kitchen of Rondon.

Even if the book potrays itself as a recipe book, it seems to tell more about the notorious chef Andérs himself.

It's more of a biography book, greatly overexaggerating his life triumphs and challenges as the royal chef. There seems to be a nice love story twist too with the princess of the court.

Between all this romance and betreyal you find recipes of chef Andérs' famous Meatpie and Vegetable pie.