The Passages of Ma'habre

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The Passages of Ma'habre is an special book found in Fear & Hunger. This books allows the player to visit the inaccessible area from the past of Ma'habre.


  • Can be found as rare loot on bookshelves throughout the game.


  • Description: A normal looking book that feels surprisingly heavy. It's covers look very old.

You open The Passages of Ma'habre. The pages start telling you stories of past ages...


This book will teleport the party to a section of Ma'habre that can't be reached normally for a short time. It is not required to obtain the Cube of the Depths to access the past area. One of the main purposes of this area is to scavenge items through the chests and vases and one of those loots can give a unique accessory equipment, which is the Everwatching talisman, having a guaranteed chance of receiving if succeed coin flip at chest in the interior of this location.

Note that the player may also notices the fellowship figures if they use this item for the first time.