The Tale of the Pocketcat II

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An image depicting Pocketcat meeting with a boy named Willem

The Tale of the Pocketcat II is an occult book found in Fear & Hunger. This book can be found randomly searching the bookshelves in the dungeons of Fear & Hunger.

It is the second book of mostly detailing a tale or an eye witness account of a boy meeting the creature known as Pocketcat.


  • Author: Unknown
  • Description: A childrens fairy tale about the Pocketcat. It's the second chapter.

"-The Tale of the Pocketcat. Chapter II -

The town of Merwood was in festive mood. It was the beginning of the harvest season and food was plentiful."

"Willem's mother and father were arranging a large party for all the big families of the town. Even some noble ones were supposed to show up from outside the town."

"Willem had to wear his sunday suit. The suit he would typically wear when going to the church on sundays. Needless to say, the suit wasn't to Willem's liking."

"'Now, now. You know we need to make good impressions to the city folk.' - his mother would say."

"'Why should I care?" - said Willem."

"Willem's mother would pull him by the ear violently and say:

'Don't you understand our livelihood depends on those noble and the fancy!'"

"Willem shrugged it off and nodded. It is important to obey your parents after all if you are to grow up even somewhat decent and moral."

"It is even written on the book of our lord. The bible of Alll-mer."

"The party guests started coming as the sun set. The festive people were of all kinds."

"You had the well-eaten mayor of the town with his wife who was so young, she couldn't have been more than three years older than Willem."

"You had the Parkinsons from the next door with their faces forever set on an expression of pure disgust."

"There were also many people Willem had never seen before. Especially one gay gentleman with a constant grin on his face caught Willem's attention."

"The man also noticed young Willem. He winked his eye, even though otherwise his face was set on the same grin all the time."

"The gentleman gave Willem jeepers creepers."

"As the full moon had risen the highest, and the festive people were at their most cocked, Willem noticed the gay gentleman gone."

"After a short search, he found the man from their backyard, howling at the moon."

"This already made young Willem very nervous, but then the man turned his gaze towards Willem..."

"His eyes were the same as the two haunting yellow eyes Willem had seen in the Merwood forest some days ago!"

"Suddenly Willem realized the size of the man. For some reason he had not realized it before, but the man was almost the same height as their house!"

"With a cat-like expression the man would say: 'Fancy meeting you here young mister.'"

The illustration on the book looks very lifelike. The Pocketcat seems to stare staight at you from the book pages.

"The Pocketcat would say: 'So how do you think we should handle the situation now that you've seen something you shouldn't have?'"

  1. "I won't say a thing, you can trust me!"
    • "'Is that so? We need to have a common secret so that I can truly trust you.'"
    • "'Would you like that? Would you love that? Would you love me?' - The Pocketcat says as he puts his other hand to his pocket."
  2. "Please don't hurt me!"
    • "The Pocketcat laughs at you with a delicate laughter and says: 'Now, now. I would never do such thing.'
    • "'The only one that has gotten hurt is me. You have deeply scarred me emotionally with your coldness.'"
    • "'Now would you mind warming me up again?' - The Pocketcat says with a glee in his eyes."
  3. "I will reveal you for what you truly are!"
    • "'You will? But what will the other say when they hear what you did also?' - The Pocketcat says as his tone changes from gay to serious."
    • "The Pocketcat confronts you by saying: 'What happened would bring shame to both of us...'"

"The Pocketcat says: 'Well let us not dwell on those matters, the night is festive. It is full moon after all.'"

"While the cat-like man stares at the moon, he also murmurs something... 'Oh the old one, my lullabies go to deaf ears. The humankind pursues the same goals persistantly.'"

"The cat asks you one last question: 'If I were to get the moon itself to you, would you give up on your quest and lay with me here for tonight?'"

  1. "Yes I will give up on my quest."
    • "'That would make me happy. The moon would be thankful as well naturally.' - The Pocketcat says with great joy that has returned to his voice."
  2. "No, I'm afraid I can't do that."
    • "'You really are to torment my heart and souls are you?' - The Pocketcat says with a sad expression on his face."

After reading

If you have already read the book once, then when you read it again, you will not be allowed to see the part with choices. After the page with the illustration, where the Pocketcat seems to stare staight at you, it turns out that the rest of the pages are tainted and stuck together...

Your answers in the story would not affect anything. Well, at least in version 1.4.0