The Tale of the Pocketcat Ch. 2 (F&H2)

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This page is about the book from Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. For the book of the same name from Fear & Hunger, see The Tale of the Pocketcat II.

The Tale of the Pocketcat Ch. 2 is an occult book found in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.


  • Can be found on bookshelves throughout Prehevil.


  • Author: Unknown
  • Description: The second chapter of an old fairytale used to scare children from wandering off on their own. This particular copy seems faithful to the original, unlike the modern watered down versions of the story.

Turkilo scolded Willem from wandering off. When Willem tried to explain what had happened, that only aggravated the beetle man even more. To teach Willem a lesson, Turkilo kept pushing Willem deeper to the forest with his freakish man-beetle strength.

Willem slid down a muddy hill and found himself on large opening in the forest. In the middle of that opening two giant babyfaced blindworms were caught in a wrestling match. The two poor bastards fought each other with all they got. The bit each other, clawed each other, all while crying and wallowing loudly. Turkilo yelled from above that this is the nature of men, that just like those song thrush chicks from earlier, this would be Willem's future once he grew up to be an adult. Humans were ruthless in their pursuit for riches and wealth. Did Willem really want to take part in such fierce competition?

While the two talked, the other, the more ugly faced blindworm had bested the other. Hungry for more devastation the thing set its eyes on Willem. It gave Willem a desparate chase. Turkilo just flew away cackling 'This is what you wanted, right?' Willem ran to a nearby thicket in hopes that the blindworm couldn't fit in there, instead the beast thrusted itself past broken branches with ferocious force.

Fat from eating his other babyfaced blindworm sibling, one particularly sharp branch punctured the belly of the beast and from within hundreds of small blindworm babies spilled all over the place. The little worms started wrestling and devouring each other the moment they landed on the ground. Willem realized this is how the giant babyfaced blindworms got so big to begin with. They kept eating each other until only one remained.

For now it seemed like Willem was safe. It was not yet his turn to devour or be devoured. For some reason he did not feel comfortable though. It felt like someone or something was keenly watching his every move. He heard a faint panting and rustling of leaves. Then he noticed them, a pair of glowing eyes staring right at him from the darkness of shrubs and leaves. Willem did not like how the stare felt, panicked and ran to the opposite direction. Little did Willem know at the time, but what followed his every move from behind the bush was the tall cat, the Pocketcat himse--

Rest of the text is unintelligible and smudged over. It looks like someone didn't want you to read any further for whatever reason.