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The Backyard serves as an important crossroads in the dungeons of Fear & Hunger. It provides the opportunity to restore body through the practice of Sylvian worship. If one has an Explosive vial, they can venture towards the Thicket from here, where Ragnvaldr can join your ranks.


In the library located in the Level 1 Inner Hall, there is a particular bookshelf which noticeably has a book missing. When you interact with the bookshelf with the Mockup book in your inventory, the bookshelf will slide to the side and reveal a hidden passage.

Entering the hidden passage will lead you to a misty backyard. Ragnvaldr will fire a warning shot at you, which cannot hurt you but will make your character freeze and initiate dialogue with him. There is a dagger in the grass which the girl and the Demon Kid are able to wield.

If you take the left path you will find the entrance to the Bunnymask orgy, guarded by a naked woman. She is harmless, and upon interaction will ask if you would like to join in the festivities. Doing so will fully restore the party's Body points, and increase the protagonist's affinity with Sylvian. Further participation prompts a coin flip. Succeeding has the same results as the first time. Failing results in a game-over.

On the right side of the backyard, a passage can be found to enter The Thicket. [Explosive Vial Needed]



Name Location Duration Music track
Mist Jingle At the Backyard 01:21