Torturer's notes 1

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The Torturer's notes 1 is a letter found in Fear & Hunger.


  • Author: Trortur
  • Description: Notes written by a torturer.

"Prisoner from cell C1: She had a beautiful skin. I carved her curves open. She took pain surprisingly well. When she asked me to stop, I cut her tongue.

Prisoner from cell C4: Feeling aroused from the earlier inmate, I inserted nails inside his male organs.

Prisoner from cell A2: He is not able to take many sessions anymore. Whatever I did, he remained distant.

Captain Rudimer took our big war criminal away from my reach. I got a feeling that high priestess Selene wants to have her way with that beautiful man.

Of course captain Rudimer is completely oblivious to their true agenda. Not like I make a very trustworty adviser to him. He doesn't believe anything I say. He's just under the impression I'm a complete savage who lost his mind."