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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Proceed at your own risk!

Trortur is a non-playable character and possible unique enemy encountered in Fear & Hunger. Formerly a noble hero of the Kingdom of Rondon known as "Trortur the White", years of captivity and torture turned him into a sadistic, vile inhabitant of the dungeons.


Trortur's past as a famed knight in Rondon and a holy warrior of the Vatican is a surprising revelation, given his current status as an evil figure. According to his own accounts, he was captured during one of the kingdom's holy crusades and sent to the dungeons. Most people assumed that he had died there, but five years later, when the knights captured the Eastern Capital Jettaiah, they discovered what had become of Trortur. He had been transformed into a twisted, hunch-backed creature, disfigured by years of torture and abuse. According to his own dialogue within the game, it appears that Trortur may have undergone castration or even experienced complete genital mutilation while captive.

It is said that he learned about every method of torture during his captivity, a knowledge that he now puts to use as a cruel tormentor of those who dare to enter the dungeons of fear and hunger. Trortur's brutal methods of torture often clashed with Captain Rudimer while the latter was still sane. As Trortur now only knows pain and suffering, he uses his position at the dungeons to explore the limits of human endurance, uncovering the secrets of the flesh through torment. The Vatican took advantage of his new skills and used the information he obtained to create the Penance Knights. Within the dungeons, Trortur keeps a secret chamber where he stores a treasured possession - the Penance armor.

After the Knights of the Midnight Sun's downfall in 1590, their leader, Le'garde, endured unimaginable torment at the hands of Trortur until a plea from High priestess Selene led Captain Rudimer to intervene and transfer the war prisoner to the lower levels of the dungeon for his safety. Soon after, the oppressive darkness that permeated the dungeons began to take its toll on the sanity of its inhabitants. This shift in the atmosphere prompted Trortur to redirect his focus towards capturing Lord Buckman, who had become separated from his group after venturing into the depths of the dungeon.


Trortur can be located at Level 1 - Inner hall. Upon entering the upper torture chamber with a door leading to the lower levels, the player discovers this door is locked. Upon attempting to leave, faint footsteps indicating Trortur's approach are heard. The player then has the option to either hide, wait to see who it is, or outright ambush.

Opting for an ambush triggers an immediate battle - his dead body holds the 2F key, which lets one enter the lower levels through the door in the upper torture chamber. Choosing to wait to see who it is reveals Trortur, who offers to "show something" to the player if they express interest. Agreeing results in Trortur betraying the player, leading to a dismemberment scene in the torture chamber and a game over; refusing also leads to an immediate battle. Choosing to hide causes Trortur to leave, relocating to the lower section of the map near the room occupied by the Priests.

However, if the player has met Buckman before encountering Trortur, they will have the ability to rat Buckman out to Trortur in-battle via Talk. They will both capture Buckman and, after the event plays out, Trortur will gift the player with 2x Light blue vials and the 2F key. Ratting out Buckman will also unlock the option of taking his companion Jeanne to Trortur when rescuing her in Ma'habre. Doing so will lead Trortur to award the player with the Vault key, needed to access the Penance armor in the secret chamber of the Inner Hall. Using Steal on Trortur in battle will also provide the Vault key, allowing you to get the Penance armor without giving him victims - this approach also allows the player to complete Buckman's quest, which in turn grants other rewards.

When the player betrays Buckman to Trortur, they can inform his companion Ser Seymor about it in Level 3 - Basement. The player character will leave out their own involvement in Buckman's demise. Returning to Trortur's location, the player will find Ser Seymor standing over a dead Trortur, having avenged Buckman's death by killing the torturer.

Sleeping in one of the beds at Level 1 - Inner hall will prompt a coin flip, and should the player fail the test, Trortur will capture the protagonist and torture them to death. Due to a programming error, that may happen even if Trortur has been killed beforehand. If Trortur is dead or had previous collaboration from the player, a Guard or an Elite guard may ambush the player in their sleep instead.

If the player becomes a Marriage or a Fusion, Trortur will disappear forever. Killing him before getting the Penance armor will render getting the equipment impossible without the use of the Phase step, which requires an Empty scroll to be learned.

If the player has entered the Tomb of the gods through the ancient door and Buckman has not been sold out, Buckman will be found dead on a torture table and Trortur will disappear forever from the game.


Body Part HP Blunt Slashing Piercing Fire Otherwordly Ev. Rate Magic Ev. Resistances
Head 20 100% 120% 100% 100% 100% 50% 40% None
Torso 175 (700) 5% None
Left arm 20 5% None
Right arm 20 5% None
Left leg 20 5% None
Right leg 20 5% None
Body Part Skill Effect Condition Chance Success Rate
Left Arm Scratch Deals 9-11 Slashing damage. 30% chance of applying the Infected Arm and Infected Leg status effects. Always 100% 100%
  • Note: HP in parenthesis is only used for Damage-over-Time calculations.


Cutting off his left arm renders him completely harmless, after which the player can simply attack his torso.

If the player has Steal, it is highly recommended to take Trortur's Vault key from him after dismembering his arm but before he dies, as the item is otherwise unobtainable by the time the player is locked into a battle.


In combat:

  • If ambushed:
    • Trortur: "W-wha--!"
    • Trortur: "Who in the lowest hell are you!?"
  • If talked to:
    • Trortur: "You can still surrender and be a good child. I need new test subjects. I am a doctor you schsee..."
      • If the player has met Buckman:
        • Player: "Wait. I know a test subject for you!"
          • Trortur: "Oh? What are you talking about?"
            • Player: "There is a man hiding in a cell..."
              • Trortur: "..."
              • Trortur: "...Yesch, please do go on...?"
                • Player: "I will show him to you."
                  • Trortur: "Good. good."
                  • Trortur lowers his weapon.
                • Player: "Nevermind."
            • Player: "Nevermind."
        • Player: "Prepare to die."
          • Trortur: "Do not underestimate me, kjeh."
      • If the player has not met Buckman:
        • Player: "Stay away you wretched being!"
          • Trortur: "Kjeh kjeh, I'll let this knife ruin that silky skin of yours."
        • Player: "Test subjects for what?"
          • Trortur: "You schall see... you schall see. The new world of pain and suffering."
          • Trortur: "The limits of human flesh."
        • Player: "Prepare to die!"
          • Trortur: "Kjeh! Don't underestimate me! I've fought more intimidating foes in my past."


  • His name is aptly a play on the word "torture".
  • Trortur resembles the torturer that tormented Griffith during the Golden Age arc of the manga Berserk.
  • The inspiration for Trortur seems to be character Sand Dan Glokta from The First Law book series, as both were once prestigious knights who were captured and tortured, to the point of disfigurement, in crusade-esque wars. Later they became torturers themselves. The inspiration is also apparent from their appearances, from being malformed, hunched and having similar uniforms.