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The air is filled with an intense killing intent.

The cavedweller reeks of primal violence.

A cavedweller appears from the darkness!
Cave dweller 2 overworld.png
Cave dweller 4 overworld.png
Cave dweller 3 overworld.png
Cavedweller dead.png
Cavedweller merchant dead.png
Affiliation Possibly the God of the Depths
Inflicted phobias
Phobias Erotophobia
Physical description
Species Cavedweller
Spiritual Information
Soul Lesser soul
Item drops
Search Nothing (regular versions)
(Ritual spear) (Spear Male)
Steal (Egg) (Gnome milk) (regular versions)
(x5 Diamond) (x5 Silver coin) (Spear Male)
Battle Theme
Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Proceed at your own risk!

Warning! Nudity ahead!

This page contains depictions of genitals and / or sex.

"Primal and savage beings. The poor souls were once stuck in the black because of a cave-in."
- The New Gods, when asked about Cavedwellers.

The Cavedweller is a non-playable character and possible enemies in Fear & Hunger.


"I found this underground village full of those-- things! They live in savage ways. They are but a pack of heretics. ... The things they did to me... ... When I got to see one of their primitive rituals, I had to step in! I cut down a couple of them and they chased me here..."
- D'arce when talking about the Cavedwellers.

Cavedwellers reside in the regions surrounding the mines and are characterized by their pale complexion. They occupy a small settlement and tend to move about in a quiet manner. Their way of life is highly rudimentary and reminiscent of a tribal culture. Ritualistic displays featuring human skulls are prevalent in the houses throughout the village. Due to their isolation from sunlight and the outside world, resources are scarce, and they rely primarily on cave moss for sustenance. For hunting and defense, they employ rudimentary tools such as rocks and, on occasion, spears. It appears that Cavedwellers do not possess a verbal language and instead rely on gestures and indications as a form of communication.

Although not inherently aggressive towards outsiders, Cavedwellers seem to steer clear of direct interaction with them unless absolutely necessary - such as in the case of trading. In fact, players may witness a Cavedweller being fatally attacked by one of their own kind for simply expressing interest in the player's background.

In the lead-up to the events of Fear & Hunger, amidst the darkness that had engulfed the dungeons of fear and hunger, Captain Rudimer resorted to desperate measures and traded the Cube of the Depths to the Cavedwellers for provisions before losing himself to madness. The villagers then placed the enigmatic cube on a crude pedestal adorned with horns and spikes; they are prepared to resort to violent means to protect it if anyone attempts to remove it from its designated location.

During her quest to rescue Le'garde, D'arce would eventually come across the Cavedwellers and their village while descending into the dungeons. She would attempt to introduce them to the greatness of Alll-mer, a common deity in Rondon, but her efforts would prove futile. After interrupting one of their primitive rituals (be it by mistake or intent), D'arce would find herself outnumbered, captured, and nearly killed by the Cavedwellers.


Moonless Guards Event.png

They do not attack the player unless the player either:

  • interrupts the fight between them and D'arce (required to recruit her as a party member)
  • interrupts intercourse between two Cavedwellers found in a small house
  • attacks one of them while they remain peaceful
  • picks up the Cube of the Depths

Doing any of these actions will cause the entire Cavedweller village hostile against the player and attack on sight. The Cube of the Depths is an exception - the Cavedwellers will not become angered if the player picks it up while they wear the Stone crown.

One must be aware that there is a 10% chance on each start of a playthrough that the Cavedwellers will be dead, massacred by Moonless Guards that are now the habitants of the village and walk around aimlessly. The only Cavdeweller survivors are the ones that hold D'arce in captivity, as the massacre holds no consequences on the possibility of recruiting her.

Cavedweller Merchant

Among the beings in the village, a female Cavedweller wearing a yellow hat (resembling the hats of yellow mages) can be found sitting on a rug. If the player has not angered the Cavedwellers, the player will be able to buy useful items from her. She has two different item selections, one of which will be selected at the start of the player's run with 50% chance each. She will also engage the player character in battle if angered.

Item selection Item Cost
Pool 1
Blue vial1 small.png
Blue vial
10 Silver coins
Light blue vial1 small.png
Light blue vial
20 Silver coins
White vial1 small.png
Explosive vial
15 Silver coins
Bottle of whiskey small.png
Bottle of whiskey
10 Silver coins
Quill small.png
5 Silver coins
Pool 2
Blue vial1 small.png
Blue vial
10 Silver coins
Dried meat1 small.png
Dried meat
5 Silver coins
White vial1 small.png
Explosive vial
15 Silver coins
Opium powder small.png
Opium powder
10 Silver coins
Iron arrow small.png
Iron arrow
20 Silver coins


Stats (male)
Body part HP (Fear & Hunger) HP (Terror & Starvation)
Head 20 20
Torso 350 850
Arms 20 each 20 each
Legs 20 each 20 each
Penis 20 20
Stats (female)
Body part HP
Head 20
Torso 350
Arms 20 each
Legs 20 each
Breasts 20


Cavedwellers take 25% increased damage from the Slashing damage type. The head, torso, and ritual spear parts of the Spear Male and the head part of the Alt. Female (the Merchant Cavedweller) takes only 20% increased damage from the Slashing damage type.

The Cavedwellers are some of the easiest opponents. Despite living in a group, they only approach the player one at a time and can be easily defeated on their own. Their only source of damage is the hand holding the rock. Once it is cut off, the Cavedweller has no means of attacking, and can be easily defeated.

There are both Male and Female versions of the Cavedwellers. Interestingly, unlike most other enemies, cutting their feet will not make them lose balance. Instead, the player has to cut their genitals (penis or breasts) to make the head easy to reach. The Alt. Female version (the Cavedweller Merchant), however, cannot lose balance, even if her breasts are cut off.

There is a stronger version of the Male Cavedweller spread more scarcely around the village. They wield a spear, which can cause bleeding and poison effects, and are able to tackle once their arms have been cut off. They are much more relentless, but still not particularly difficult to defeat.


In combat:

  • If talked to:
    • You try talking some sense to this monstrosity...
    • Player: "What is your origin?"
      • The cavedweller seems to mime something to you. [He/she] is pointing his finger at [his/her] chest and then towards you.
    • Player: "There is no need for killing."
      • The cavedweller seems to mime something to you.
      • He raises [his/her] arms furiously. Aggression and killing intent eminates from the primal cavedweller!
    • Player: "Please don't!"
      • The cavedweller seems to mime something to you. [He/she] points at [his/her] throat with slicing motion.
    • Player: "Prepare to die."
      • The cavedweller just stares at you with primal hate.