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Coin flips are a common game mechanic throughout the Fear and Hunger series. In certain situations, the game will prompt the player to choose between heads or tails, before flipping a coin. Choosing correctly will generally reward the player, while choosing incorrectly will have negative consequences.

Whenever the player is prompted to flip a coin, they may hold down the SHIFT key when making their selection to add a lucky coin, improving their odds from 50/50 to 75/25.

Coin flips can have a myriad of different effects, In the overworld, coin flips may be used to determine whether or not a player gets loot from a container, or whether they fall into a hidden trap. In combat, certain enemies can trigger coin-flip attacks, which may deal high damage or instantly kill the player should they fail it. Some of these can be avoided by preemptively having characters use the "guard" action.

Coin-flip events in Fear & Hunger

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Proceed at your own risk!

  • Searching chests: Determines quality of loot
  • Searching bookcases: Determines whether or not loot is found
  • Sleeping in beds: Determines whether or not the player can successfully save. Depending on location, failing will cause either an instant death or a nearby enemy to attack the player, triggering combat. If no enemies, player's rest is interrupted anyway.
  • Using Necromancy on a viable corpse: Determines whether or not a corpse is successfully raised. Success gives the player a Ghoul or Skeleton party member; failure will cause the raised corpse to attack them instead
  • Participating in the Bunnymasks orgy: Occurs after the first time the player participates. Instant death if failed
  • Participating in the Wolfmasks orgy: Occurs after the first time the player participates. Instant death if failed
  • Reading the Ancient book: Instant death if failed; lucky coins cannot be used
  • Thicket: Occurs if the player steps on one of the loose floor holes. Failing will cause them to fall into the level below
  • Jaggedjaw: Instant-kill attack
  • Guard: High-damage, multi-hit attack
  • Priest: Instant-kill attack
  • Night Lurch: Rapes the player, inflicting anal bleeding if failed unless wearing penance armor
  • Salmonsnake: Instant-kill attack
  • Ragnvaldr: Instant-kill attack
  • Isayah: Infects the player with "plague"; unknown effects
  • Lord of flies: Can occur two events;
    • 1st event: will cause the protagonist to vomit and receive 10 BP damage
    • 2nd event: will cause the protagonist to be captured and put it in the cage, causing an instant game over if the player doesn't have any items to escape
  • Harvestman: Instant-kill attack
  • Skin Granny: Instant-kill attack
  • Red Man: Instant-kill attack
  • White Angel: Instant-kill attack
  • Sylvian (Ragnvaldr): Instant-kill attack
  • Yellow King: Instant-kill attack
  • Francóis: Instant-kill attack
  • God of Fear and Hunger: High-damage attack on mind and body

Coin-flip events in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina

  • Searching chests: Determines whether or not loot is found
  • Orphanage: Occurs if the player steps on one of the loose floorboards. Failing will cause them to fall into the orphanage basement
  • Villager (Sickle): Occurs if the player haven't destoyed or guarded after a bear trap was placed. Failing will cause the player character to lose a leg
  • Villager (Pipe): See above
  • Villager (Knives): High-damage attack, multi-hit attack
  • Woodsman: Occurs if attacked by the Woodsman's parasite. Failing will paralyze a character
  • Vile: Chance to kill Vile via a Talk option
  • Pillarman: Will cause the protagonist to be pushed off the rafter, which ends the battle, causes them to fall to the lower level, receiving moderate BP damage, removing their ability to sprint, and removing their leg limb
  • Half-Cocooned: High-damage attack, multi-hit attack
  • August: Instant-kill attack
  • Decrepit Priest: Instant-kill attack (may be survived under certain circumstances, but still ends the battle and advances time)
  • Owl cultist: Instant-kill attack
  • Elite Trooper: High-damage attack
  • Rancid the Sergal: High-damage attack
  • Ronteal: Instant-kill attack
  • Neighbour: High-damage, multi-hit attack
  • Needles: Paralyzes a character
  • Poe: Instant-kill attack
  • Platoon: High-damage, usually instant-kill attack
  • Rher: Instant-kill attack

In-game Footage

All Failed Coin Flips F&H2