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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Proceed at your own risk!

The Hall of the Gods, or The Grand hall (in-game) is a sub-area in Fear & Hunger located in the lost city of Ma'habre, inside one of its many buildings. This area's only purpose is to let the player dig inside the lore of the game by asking 3 questions to the New Gods inside the Hall.

In order to access this area, the player must use the book in a room called the Pit of Enlightenment and pray. After a few moments, the player will be transported into a room with New Gods that in time have ruled the world. The Gods grant the player 3 questions before sending them back to their journey.

If the game is either in Fear & Hunger or Terror & Starvation mode, the player will be granted a Book of enlightenment at the end of the sequence.

In case the player asks a question that is not available, the gods will simply say: "We do not understand the question."


The Hall of the Gods serves as a dwelling for new gods whose reigns have seen their end, allowing other ones to govern for their allotted time. It resembles a grand banquet hall, with towering figures observing passersby. These entities are the numerous New Gods who have ruled over the world in their respective eras and are currently inactive, with very limited influence over the world. While most of the New Gods seen on the Hall are currently unknown, the player will be able to spot the Tormented One, Valteil and Francóis during Fear & Hunger 2: Termina, indicating the end of their respective reigns after the events of the first game.

Below, there is the list of any viable question that will trigger a proper answer by the Gods (instead of just wasting the question) - many names are actually referring of the same thing and will trigger the same answer. For instance, "Fear & Hunger" will trigger the same answer of "Fear AND hunger" or also "Dungeon".

Questions about enemies

Question Response
"Assassin spectre" "He travelled far from the east just to stop the spreading of the inevitable darkness. His iron will manifests in his blade even to this day."
"Black witch" "He is a human that was lost to blood magic. The darkness has had its way with him. He is but a slave to Gro-goroth."
"Butterfly" "The poor creature wants to get the gift of the God of the Depths... He was once persuaded by the king of the insects. Needless to say that his pursuits are in vain."
"Blight" "Before men, the lizardmen roamed as the dominating lifeform. Like us, they too desired to ascend higher. What remains of those ancient times are the forms."
"Body snatcher" "The wretched being was locked behind the sealed door when he was looting the dungeon from valuables. He turned on the god of the depths for salvation..."
"Brain flower" "Just like how the black changes the humans, it also affects the plants. On this soil, that has seen countless death, that curious flower once started blooming. It requires fertile ground to grow to its full bloom and there is no better source of life than humans."
"Cavedweller" "Primal and savage beings. The poor souls were once stuck in the black because of a cave-in."
"Cavegnome" "The little halflings given birth by the Cavemother. Even their mother think little of them and uses them to do her dirty work."
"Cavemother" "Cavemother, a being who has stayed in the darkness for too long. It longs for human kind to pregnate her."
"Crow Mauler" "He was set on purifying the dungeons from filth and deprivement. Little did he know that he would become a part of the black himself."
"Darkness" "Only traces of the older gods remain in this plane of existence. Nas'hrah has been able to bend a powerful being under his will."
Elite guard ”The elite guards who serve the kingdom of Rondon, or at least served while still retaining their sanity. They carry 2 red feathers on their helmets to signify their rank. A white feather of an eagle is given to the squires when they start their military service. Once the feather changes its colour to red because of all the blood it has absorbed on the battlefield. That’s when the squire becomes a knight. That’s how the tradition originates at least. The tradition has become more civilized as time goes on. These days you only need to dip the feather to a bloodstain of your opponent to rise in ranks.”
Embryo ”Valteil the enlightened one has succumbed to fleshy delights with his own creations. Embryos are the bastardizations that came from that act.”
"Ghoul" "Those whose physical and mental fortitude couldn't handle the ever-pressing darkness. They lost their mind."
"Guard," "Ballista" "Overwhelming physical strength and endless lust that is only weakened by their loneliness. It manifests in their final form."
"Greater blight" "Before men, the lizardmen roamed as the dominating lifeform. Like us, they too desired to ascend higher. What remains of those ancient times are the forms. Greater blight is something that rivals the powers of the new gods even in this day and age. It is truly curious how powerful those ancient relics were in their true prime."
Greater mumbler ”Creations of the black. Once a mumbler develops a consciousness it can finally break free from the restrains of the god of the depths. Or is it more like consciousness or enlightenment? It’s hard to tell. These creatures don’t function in the same way as humans do. No longer tied to be just a mindless servant of the god, no one knows their true ambitions.”
"Harvestman" "Unable to satisfy the needs of his victims, he resorts to more violent ways of pleasure."
"Hound" "Francóis the dominating one has trained the hunting hounds to harass all those who trespass his domain. Those mindless beasts only taste the blood of their victim in their mouth. That is all they know."
"Human hydra" "The remaining guards of the fortress. They tried to save themselves with an act of love."
"Iron Shakespeare" "As things started to succumb to chaos in the dungeons of fear and hunger, he was sent from the Kingdom of Rondon for aid. In short time he too lost his mind. Now he tries to guard the area to his last breath from anyone who sets foot to the fortress."
"Jaggedjaw" "Francóis the dominating one has trained the hunting hounds to harass all those who trespass his domain. He named them after the mythical beast Jaggedjaw. Those mindless beasts only taste the blood of their victim in their mouths. That is all they know."
"Knight spectre" "The true of the old knight."
"Lady of Moon" "We do not know much about her. She is the servant of the Moon god. The older one. The moon god has his motivations to meddle with the act in process, but we do not understand him."
"Lizardman" "Long ago, before men took the dungeons as their own, there dwelled a different race in the black."
"Lord of flies" "Valteil the enlightened one, in his attempts to understand the secrets of life, he accidentally created this being."
Lizardmage ”An act of love between a lizardman and a yellowmage. The being that came from the act seems to share the intelligence of both worlds. However it does not know for certain which tribe it truly belongs to. Thus it wanders the darkness alone.”
"Maneba" "They came from the green hue. Even we don't know their true purpose. They manifest around sickness and dead carcasses."
"Moonless guard" "An act of love between a cave wolf and a guard."
"Moonless" "A lone cave wolf who was once driven away from her pack because of her superior strength. The black has its way of changing the nature of wolves."
"Mumbler" "Creations of the black. The darkness has had its way with countless of victims. They are fully erect despite being left untouched for decades."
"Miner spectre" "Those ghastly figures are but echoes of the people that dwelled those dungeons before. Many of them saw end when the current reign in the dungeons ended just a brief time ago."
"Molded" "The miserable creation that is but mockery of human beings. It is a simple being created by a new god that once existed who was trying to achieve the power of the older gods with limited understanding."
"Nameless" "The fool has travelled wide and far, but has gotten no wiser."
"Night lurch" "He was once sentenced to the prisons. He used to lust to hurt women. Now he is an epitome of his perversions."
"Old guardian" "The figurine created by the older gods to protect the golden temple of the true king. He has seen millennia go by, but still the fool waits for a false prophecy."
"Old knight" "A virtuous knight who was on a path to the black of the dungeons. He met the alchemist Nosramus on his way down who saved his life. The old knight decided to serve Nosramus for his lifetime and beyond."
"Priest" "The priests came for the pilgrimage to the dungeons. They are worshippers of both new and older gods."
"Red man" "He who suffered the torture of the tormented one for hundreds of years. With every passing year its pain grows stronger."
"Ronteal" "A being that lurks in the shadows. Different tales about Ronteal have been passed on for many generations. It is said that Ronteal appears first in the nightmares, only to fuel his or her own materialization to the physical world with the fear it instills."
"Salmonsnake" "An ancient being that swims in the underground waterways. There are many human legends which mention this beast as well."
"Scarab" "Men are wicked. Condensed wickedness can manifest in many ways. Scarabs are there to remind us of this."
"Skeleton" "A simple reanimated skeleton. The necromancy needs to be stronger in them to animate mere dust and bones, thus their strength is also greater than ghouls."
Skin granny ”A myth passed on by the wildmen of the north and those who live in Oldegård and it’s surrounding areas. The myth if typically told to new generations as a cautionary tale on what happens if you abandon your family and leave for greener pastures. The black is said to creep from the dark corners of your home cabin, slowly nibbling the form of your beloved ones. The creature is of course just a myth, but the tale lives on strong in the consciousness of the northern folk and often in nightmares the creature has a vivid presence.”
"Uterus" "Valteil the enlightened one created many forms of life for many different purposes. Uterus serves a purpose too and every night Valteil would summon one of them to his quarters."
"White angel" "A manifestation of your grudge during your stay in the dungeons."
"Woodsman" "A poor soul that got distorted by the ever-looming trickster moon god. Even we are not sure if his appendage grew to have a life of its own or if it was a parasite that made the malformation even more severe..."
"Yellow mage" "Pupils of the Nas'hrah the destroyer. They use the strength of the Gro-goroth to their master's advantage."

Questions about characters

Question Response
"Ancient one" "A soul that radiates the light of an older god. The soul has formed itself inside the body of a little girl. The mother of the ancient one is the endless one and the father is the man from the prophecies. The results of such unholy union are unfamiliar to us."
"Betel", "Bethel" "The new god of enlightenment that preceeded Nas'hrah at the grand libraries. He created the grand libraries to store the immense knowledge the world holds. He wished that the archives would one day surpass the knowledge and the wisdom of the older gods. Every new god of the enlightenment would from then on dedicate their cycle at the libraries to a certain subject they would decide themselves."
"Cahara" "Cahara of the South... He originates from the Eastern Sanctuaries. A bastard child left on his own at a very young age. Somehow this poor soul found his way to these dungeons..."
"Chambara" "Ronn Chambara when he still walked among men as a mere mortal. Once a poet, he believes no great art can be achieved without pain and suffering. He now continues the same principals as a new god"
"D'arce" "The trusted knight of the propheticed one. She seems awfully dim standing next to the blinding shimmer of the one... But it might be wrong to misjudge her potential..."
"Enki" "One of the more notorious dark priests of the modern age. We would not be surprised if he was to rise and become the new enlightened one."
"King" "The older gods, before their departure, nominated a king to rule the Ma'habre and mankind. It's all fallacy. We as the new gods rule the Ma'habre now."
"Forgotten one", "Fifth one" "In the books and legends he goes by the name 'forgotten one' or the 'fifth one', but his birth name is Nosramus."
"Francois", "Francóis" "Francóis the dominating one. The new god of the current era. He rose to power in pursuits for more strength to unify the warring lands. Selfishly he has taken over the golden temple and tries to rule Ma'habre with his iron fist. He deserves to die."
"Girl" "A pure being, in which both strength of the new gods and a seed of the man from the prophecies come together. Never in the written history has there been similar situation. It is truly exciting, isn't it? We can expect great things from her."
"Iki-Turso", "Iki-turso" "These peculiar beasts run wild in the deepest forests of Europa. They got a clear alignment with the older god Vinushka, but exactly what this connection is... we do not know. The Iki-Turso are known to rise from their slumber during times when the nature is under threat."
"Le'garde" "The propheticed one... Already while still alive, there were many tales written and sung about his tale. We don't know where the prophecy got started but needless to say that it's all fallacy. But the man himself... Is a curious kind. There is definitely something different about him and whatever his part might be in the greater scheme of things, the very least he started something larger..."
"Miro" "There are things and being even we don't talk about. Beings that come from the unknown beyond the blue skies."
"Me" "What you are to become is up to you."
"Nas'hrah" "The previous new god who held the libraries as his own after the great Betel. How Betel fell for the pathetic tricks Nas'hrah pulled against him is a complete mystery to us. Nas'hrah was not content with what we have here. That miserable worm... The old fool... His mind was weak, his body was weak and most of all, he couldn't hold his own against the pressure this place has on people. Without reason he used to sodomize everyone who stood in his way... That is how he desired to spend his days instead of the true godhood we have here."
If Nas'hrah is in the party:
  • Nas'hrah: “ENOUGH! That's more than enough, you filthy maggots! That is how I gave up my pathetic golden crown of the new gods!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? MAGGOTS swimming in their OWN VOMIT!” Nas'hrah spits on the ground aggressively.
    • New gods: “You are still alive. Somewhat. Nas'hrah the half-man.”
      • Nas'hrah: “NAS'HRAH THE HALF-MAN from the east!? Better half than CRISP!”
"Nilvan" "The new goddess. She believes in the endless potential of the mankind. That anything can be within reach, if you try hard enough. She is aware of the end of an era and is desperately looking for a way to continue her reign beyond her destined lifetime. She believes Le'garde holds the key to eternal existence."
"Nosramus" "He was part of the fellowship that consisted of 4 of the current new gods. He supposedly understood the true nature of the greater scheme and thus refused his ascension. He is since forgotten in our eyes and must be left in the darkness for the time he will rot."
"Per'kele" "Per'kele and the group associated with that figure... You might recognize them by the body paint covering their faces and body. They are but leeches. Leeching on the older gods, pursuing their own agenda. Miserable figures."
"Pocketcat" "A servant of the trickster god - the Moon. His motivations lie in the path laid out by the older god. Unfortunately even we don't understand his mysterious ways..."
"Ragnvaldr" "An intimidating figure for sure. Seems like even a northern brute like him can appreciate finesse and knowledge."
"Tainted one" "What an oddly specific thing to ask. The Tainted One is of course one of us. One of the many who sits in the grand hall. A person born with a soul that is tainted and who then rose to the new godhood."
"Tormented one" "Also knows as Ronn Chambara when he still walked among men as a mere mortal. Once a poet, he believes no great art can be achieved without pain and suffering. He now continues the same principals as a new god"
"Trickster god", "Moon", "Moon god", "The Moon" "Trickster god, also known as the Moon god. He is one of the last older gods to still observe mankind. He is a jealous kind. He would not share the godhood and the world order with humans and the new gods. He has many ploys to diminish our influence."
"Valteil" "The new god of enlightenment. Valteil is current master of the grand libraries. He is obsessed with creation of artificial life. He has wasted his cycle at the libraries on the subject without much triumph. He believes this to be the key to true godhood. He believes creation of life closes the gap between the new and the older gods."
"Vinushka" "The older god that came to be from the Union of Sylvian and Gro-Goroth. Vinushka is synonymous with the nature. The god appears in different forms in different regions of the world. This is only natural as the nature itself appears in different forms around the world as well."
"Yggaegetsu" "An old warrior deity worshipped in the far reaches of the Eastern Sanctuaries. Yggaegetsu seems to become more significant during times of peace, when the warriors are left without purpose. Warriors of all kind would travel the world in search for this deity, to challenge it to a duel, to give purpose to their otherwise meaningless existence."

Questions about locations

Question Response
"Abyssonia" "Abyssonia, which is the origin of the western civilization. Many of us come from the land in which olive trees bloom and people bathe in sun."
"Bohemia" "The kingdom that is situated towards the eastern parts of Europa. The kingdom of Bohemia has been caught in a cross-fire between the kingdom of Rondon and Eastern Sanctuaries multiple times in recent history."
"Dark continent" "The continent of the old world order. A land unknown for the most parts in the western world. Even us, the new gods, know little of this part of the world. The continent is tightly connected to the older gods."
"Dungeons", "Fear & hunger", "Fear and hunger" "The dungeons of fear and hunger are ancient. Almost as old as this city. They have seen many different ages. They have always worked as a nexus between multiple different planes of existence. In current era, the Kingdom of Rondon built prison sections over the ancient tombs. They most likely tried to use the nightmarish rumours about the tombs to their own advantage. But little did they know that such darkness could not be contained."
"Jettaiah" "The holy city of the Eastern Sanctuaries. Originally the homeland of the older god Alll-mer. A hotspot for all trading, be it from the east or west.
"Ma'habre", "Mahabre" "The city of the gods. Once we took over the city from the older gods. We decided to reside here. Still some remnants of the older gods still linger in the city. Time and space do not follow the same rules here. Sun doesn't warm you and death is not the same once you walk these streets."
"Mahavre" "The language always changes. Mahavre is what was known as the Ma'habre. The city of the gods. Once we took over the city from the older gods. We decided to reside here. Still some remnants of the older gods still linger in the city. Time and space do not follow the same rules here. Sun doesn't warm you and death is not the same once you walk these streets."
"Oldegård", "Oldegard" "The northern kingdom that has stayed independant for the most parts. Known for their iron will and advanced ships that sail even to the most western continents."
"Outside world", "Outside" "You've seen the outside world right? That's where you came after all. Did you forget already? The world of humans is in chaos. They are waiting for their saviour. Someone to lift them from misery and agony. Someone to stop endless wars, someone to cleanse them from their diseases. Someone to destroy the old world order and the older gods that were the cause of the dark times."
"Prehevil" "A medium-sized city situated in north Bohemia. The citizens of Prehevil are known for their passionate worship of Alll-mer and the unknown old gods from beyond the blue sky. The scholars of the area know surprisingly much of astrology, for a human that is."
"Rondon" "The great western Kingdom of Rondon. The center of western civilization. It was once formed out of hundreds of small warring nations and tribes to fight under one flag."
"The void", "The Void", "Void" "How do you know about the void? This is truly curious. The void is... It is the other side of the coin, so to speak. If your world is the other side that is. Some also call it 'The true Ma'habre'... It is a correct term in a sense as that indeed is the plane where the older gods were said to exist once upon time. I'm afraid even our knowledge is limited when it comes to the void. It is the plane where ascension is finally possible. Thus all of us have spent an eternity searcing its empty corners..."
"This place" "This is the grand hall of course. New gods reside here, once our reign has seen its end."
"Vinland" "The continent of the old world order. A land unknown for the most parts in the western world. Even us, the new gods, know little of the continent."

Questions about terminology

Question Response
"Blood magic" "The gift of the Gro-goroth to mankind. As his presence fades, so does his gift."
"Fellowship" "It is a term commonly used with the tale about the ascension of the current generation of new gods."
"Greater scheme" "You only come to realize the greater scheme of things as you ascend to become a new god. Time is a cycle as cliché as that sounds."
"Green hue" "The hue that eminates from the true Ma'habre. The plane of the older gods."
"Join you" "This is not the time and place for such. The throne of ascension is located elsewhere. Whether you are worthy of ascension or not, remains to be seen."
"Life" "Men and women are born to suffer. No matter what your pursuits are, humans are never content."
"Love magic" "The gift Sylvian left for mankind. Love from her perspective."
"Love" "Love is something that is unique to every person. Love can take many shapes. You can form love on your own, or it can form on its won between multiple people."
"New god", "New gods", "You" "Older gods left us without answers in the times of peril. For men to take matters to their own hands, we had to form. We are many as you can see. But we have taken a seat in the grand hall for now to let the new ones reign for their time."
"Old god", "Old gods", "Older god", "Older gods" "The original gods. They have forsaken the mankind. We must take matters to our own hands. They have not been present in the memories of any of us. Only their traces remain."
"Termina" "The festival of Termina is an event arranged by the older gods. To our knowledge the moon god is often involved in this puzzling jubilee. We do not understand the underlying meaning behind this festival, but in short it is a free-for-all, a battleroyal if you will, between multiple contestants. Supposedly there is a grand prize waiting at the end."