Blood & Flower magic I

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Blood & Flower magic I is an occult book found in Fear & Hunger.


  • Author: Unknown
  • Description: A book about the teachings of the great wizard of Eastern sanctuaries.

"In this book I reminiscense my time at the Eastern sanctuaries with my late-master Nas'hrah the great.

You see I was given honor of being an apprentice to the great wizard. My time with him was brief and I only managed to scratch the surface of the immense knowledge he posessed. In this book I will list out the secrets and spells he spoke of. On how to acquire the knowledge behind these blood magics and flower magics - You have to seek that information elsewhere.

These would be his words:

I know of the 1st secret of Gro-goroth:

If I see, hanging from a tree a dead mans corpse, I wish upon his soul and bind it back to their umbilical cord. And then that corpse will walk and speak again with me.

I know of the 1st secret of Sylvian:

If I sprinkle my seed inside the womb of a freshly deceased, the life that is left lingering in that corpse will sprout a son in my name. A son that will a life of violence.

I know of the 2nd secret of Gro-goroth:

The miniscule world I have always felt curiosity for, becomes understandable to me. I am finally able to converse with the insects around me and have them reveal their deepest secrets.

I know of the 2nd secret of Sylvian:

I no longer have to fear for separation from my loved ones, for we can forever join in a marriage of flesh. An act of love that creates a beautiful unison for two souls.

I know of the 3rd secret of Gro-goroth:

For all the wrong that they have done to me, I can merely point my finger and leash out the violence at them in their desperate cry of remorse.

I know of the 3rd secret of Sylvian:

As human beings are simple creatures guided by their feelings and lust, I can easily control their affections in a most primal of ways."