Eastern Sanctuaries

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Eastern Sanctuaries
Background information
Type Nation · sultanate
Rivals Edo
Bremen Empire
Leader(s) Nas'hrah (formerly)
Locations Jettaiah (capital and holy city)
Yansa Aryuaban

The Eastern Sanctuaries is a location mentioned in the Fear & Hunger series.


A land to the east of Europa. The region's capital and holy city, Jettaiah, is a hotspot for trade between the west and the east. A place where poverty and riches can be seen side by side in streets filled with exotic scents from spice vendors, it is notable for being the birthplace of the old god Alll-mer.[1]

The Eastern Sanctuaries are referred to as a sultanate, at some point in history ruled by Nas'hrah, an extremely power-hungry New God who led his lands into multiple campaigns against the Kingdom of Edo during the eighth century, which proved to be fruitless expansion endeavours.[2] Regardless of his inability to conquer Edo, Nas'hrah's certain respect for the warring arts of his adversaries led him to form Yansa Aryuaban, a new country inside the borders of the Eastern Sanctuaries that had high-status war prisoners from Edo appointed as central figures and ordered to mimic the ways of Edo as closely as possible, breeding a warrior class for the so-called 'eternal kingdom'. Although it took hundreds of years, ultimately Nas'hrah's wish was granted with the warrior class Jizamurai, born in the Yansa Aryuaban.

Nas'hrah's cultural influence is also imprinted in the existance of the Yellow Mages, a sect of magical practitioners hailing from the Eastern Sanctuaries who use otherworldly powers only to their own benefit and to further their own agendas instead of dedicating their lives to worship. Although their presence has been slowly fading over the years, they still can be found revelling in chaos as their master's ideology states.

The Eastern Sanctuaries' history of peculiar approaches to otherworldly powers forces extends beyond the followers of Nas'hrah. Its spice production goes much beyond food flavoring, as spice forges were widely used by magick practitioners back in the day to customize the properties of one's otherworldly skills.[3] The eternal kingdom is also home to a sect of sorceresses called the Virgin Mages, notorious for being the creators of the Warding sigil skill.[4] Currently, the majority of local temples in the Eastern Sanctuaries have adopted Alll-mer as their principal religion, mirroring a trend that has occurred across Europa.[5]

While comprehensive information about Eastern Sanctuaries' political interactions with other nations remains undisclosed, it is evident that Edo was not the sole country they engaged in conflicts with. Records indicate that during its sacred campaign in the 16th century, the Kingdom of Rondon was among the adversaries that confronted the Eastern Sanctuaries. Rondon succeeded in capturing the capital for a period whose exact duration remains unknown.

In the twentieth century, the Eastern Sanctuaries formed the Eastern Union by partnering with the Voroniyan Republic. Nevertheless, the region is currently experiencing ongoing internal unrest. The authorities' persistent oppression of the populace has led to the emergence of numerous civil rights organizations, which frequently organize protests. However, these demonstrations are often met with violent reactions from the military. During the Second Great War, the Eastern Sanctuaries opposed the Bremen Empire alongside the rest of the Union.

Cahara from Fear & Hunger hails from this region, specifically from the city Jettaiah.[6] The capital is also where journalist Karin Sauer from Fear & Hunger 2: Termina spent most of her early life after being abducted by her nursemaid Dalia.[7] Another character from the same game, O'saa, went to the Eastern Sanctuaries to train as a Yellow Mage despite being born in Abyssonia.[8]


  • The Forgotten One's map, Alll-mer's lore equivalence to Jesus Christ, and Jettaiah's Hebrew roots all imply that the region is based on the sultanates and kingdoms once situated along the Fertile Crescent. In modern times, this region is commonly regarded as the heart of the Middle East.
  • Jettaiah is based on the city of Jerusalem, one of the holiest cities in the world among the three Abrahamic religions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Jettaiah's holiness is derived from the birth of the Alll-mer, whereas Jerusalem is holy for various reasons relating to King Solomon's Temple, Jesus Christ's Crucifixion, and the Prophet Muhammad's Night Journey.
  • Jettaiah's importance to trade also resembles that of Jerusalem, whereby exotic goods and spices entered medieval Europe and the Mediterranean Sea by way of the Silk Road.
  • A member of the so-called Virgin Mages mentioned in this article was intended as a new playable class/character for Fear & Hunger as a post-release update along with a Penance Knight. Both characters were eventually scrapped.


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