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Warning! Nudity ahead!

This page contains depictions of genitals and / or sex.

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Proceed at your own risk!

The Bunnymasks are followers of the Old God Sylvian, who put on rabbit masks while naked and head to the meadows with other people to have sex as part of their religious rituals. Some of them can be encountered in Fear & Hunger.


"For a brief moment in ancient history, mankind fell into a craze of fleshly delights. As a synchronized mass, sea of naked people in a middle of coitus would pulsate and waste their days. There are still cults dedicated to Sylvian to this day, but many believe she left mankind behind long time ago."
- Excerpt from Studies of Sylvian I, a document encountered by players in Fear & Hunger.

The presence of an eternal, anonymous orgy is another form of worship of the Older Gods. Drawing from the insights gleaned from the Studies of Sylvian I article and the correlation between engaging in intercourse with the Bunnymasks and increasing affinity with Sylvian, it becomes apparent that the Bunnymasks function as a cult centered around Sylvian's teachings.

The rituals performed by the Bunnymasks in honor of Sylvian revolve around sexual practices: Participants are brought into a trance-like state, where the act unfolds in an atmosphere of complete silence and intense focus. Both heterosexual and homosexual pairings engage in various forms of intercourse during the ritual. Observers note that it can be challenging to discern if participants are enjoying the experience or not, as it may appear uncomfortable or even painful. However, there is a palpable sense of love emanating from the participants towards their surroundings. Partaking in this ritual suggests a potential consequence of losing one's perception of time and being unable to break free from the trance-like state.

One of the protagonists from Fear & Hunger 2: Termina, Daan, is a child of said followers. These Bunnymasks were so focused on their religion that they neglected him as a son, leaving him for extensive periods of time and and some point even trying to pass the 'healing gift' of Sylvian to him too. At some point his parents never returned, having succumbed to the ritual and leaving Daan to fend for himself.

Location & behaviour

The Bunnymasks can be found in the backyard, on the upper left. Most of them are engrossed in intercourse, but one female Bunnymask at the front of the area will speak to the player, inviting them to participate, claiming the "first one's free". Doing so causes the player character to join the rites of the other Bunnymasks.

Engaging in intercourse with the Bunnymask will completely restore the party's Body points, and increase the protagonist's affinity with Sylvian. The first time you do this, it carries no consequences, with your character snapping out of it by themselves. Doing this again; however, forces a coin flip on the player. If they fail, they will be stuck in a trance and receive a game over.


  • In real life, rabbits have been associated with spring and fertility since the pre-Christian era. The rabbit was the symbol of Eostra, a pagan Germanic goddess of spring and fertility.