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The Cave spider is an enemy encountered in Fear & Hunger.


Cave spiders can be encountered around the interiors of the present Ma'habre and the Temple of Torment.

Although Cave spiders actively pursue the player, they cannot initiate battles on their own. By remaining still, players can avoid triggering encounters, allowing them to wait until the spiders gain distance before moving on.

They are immune to out-of-battle damage. Arrows will pass through them, and Bear traps will not trigger when they pass over them.


Body Part HP Blunt Slashing Piercing Fire Otherwordly Ev. Rate Magic Ev. Resistances
Cave spider 20 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 55% None None

Avoiding the enemy or choosing to step on the spider in a Talk action is preferred, with the latter instantly killing the spider. There is no reward for fighting them at all, and if attempted to fight normally they may chew through your White Vials, so simply step on them if they are in a problematic area.

They inflict the poison status effect with their bites, alongside small amounts of damage.



  • You try talking to the spider...
    • -With Mastery Over Insects- Player: "What is your origin?"
      • Cave Spider: "You dare talking to me during our bigger-than-life duel!?"
        • Cave Spider: "It's a David versus Goliath! A true underdogs to beat the odds! A true hero going against the Gods!""
    • -With Mastery Over Insects- Player: "Wait. We don't have to fight!/Please don't!"
      • Cave Spider: "Trying to persuade me with your mastery over insects!?"
        • Cave Spider: "You insult me!"
          • Cave Spider: "I am no insect!"
    • Step on the spider
      • With ease you step on the spider.