The Temple of Torment

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The Temple of Torment is a dungeon in Fear & Hunger which is accessible by using the Cube of the Depths in which the player materializes in the back alleys of the City of Ma'habre, only this time, the party must endure it for their survival.


There are only two regular enemies in the temple. One is the Red Man, which shrieks at the party if they are near him. The second one is the Cave spider.

The Tormented One can only be fought after sacrificing an ally on the hooks in the final room. Note that it is impossible to beat him without completing the sacrifice. The player must either sacrifice a humanoid party member (only Cahara, D'arce, Ragnvaldr, Enki, and Le'garde are eligible for the task), or create a husk using the secret lab located in one of the Ancient City’s pits. The lab can be accessed safely by jumping down the collapsed road pit to the right of the chained-up White Angel. (Throw a rock down the pit to see if it is the right one; the stone should land somewhere nearby.) Once in the lab, the player can create a husk using the vat with black ooze coming out. The husk will follow the player back to the temple.

Once a sacrifice has been chosen, the player must flay them by turning the wheels on either side of the room.

The player must then either evade the Tormented One until they reach the exit or fight him. Near at the exit, an cutscene will trigger in which the Tormented One will re-appear in the empty pit, rising out of the pool of blood with three spiked Wheels of Torment. This will trigger an inescapable boss fight where the Tormented One must be defeated. The party must stun the first 2 outer wheels in order to expose The Tormented One's body, making him vulnerable. Once defeated, he will sink back into the blood pool, giving the player the Tormented Soul.


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Song for Torment 02:00