Crow Mauler (Double-headed)

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The Crow Mauler (Double-headed) is a variation of the regular Crow Mauler, a powerful unique encounter in Fear & Hunger.


Found much later in the game than the usual Crow Mauler and in a much different fashion, he resides at the bottom floor of the Gauntlet. Should the player be unfortunate enough to fall through the floor on the final pathway, they will find themselves in a small corridor, with the double-headed Crow Mauler blocking the way to the exit.

It is possible to avoid the fight if one waits for the creature to leave the corridor briefly, just enough to allow for some movement around them. If done while he has his back turned, he won't even have time to react. He won't follow to the opposite end of the corridor, so this has to be done on his side.

The double-headed Crow Mauler is also immune to out-of-battle damage. Arrows will not harm him, and Bear traps will only restrain him, allowing players to escape. Unlike most enemies in the overworld, the Crow Mauler's legs will not be removed by the Bear traps.


Body part HP Blunt Slashing Piercing Fire Otherworldly Ev. Rate Magic Ev. Resistances
Left Head 500 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 85% 65% Confusion
Right Head 500 85% 65%
Torso 1250 (5000) 5% None
Left arm 700 5% None
Right arm 700 5% None
Left leg 200 5% None
Right leg 200 5% None


Similar to the one-headed variant, this double-headed Crow Mauler will deal devastating attacks which can easily wipe out the player's party, or leave them with debilitating status effects.

The player should equip Isayah's Iron Mask on the main character to grant immunity to blindness and have x2 Red vial before fighting. The mask can also be used to cure blindness after the fight ends.

At the start of the fight, one party member should inflict Burn, Poison or Bleed status effect onto his torso while others use the Red vial on his heads. If the player does not have enough or any party members, they should blind him on the first turn and then apply the damaging status effects on the next turn. It is highly recommended to have healing items before entering the fight, as his Maul attack is not affected by blindness. If the player has the skill Leg Sweep, using the skill will wipe out the arm wielding the maul and the opposing leg.

If the player has defeated the one-headed variant before or cut his arms off, this version will also be missing his limbs.


In combat:

  • If talked to:
    • You try talking some sense to this monstrosity...
      • Player: "What is your origin?"
        • The Crow Mauler doesn't react to your words.
      • Player: "There is no need for killing."
        • The Crow Mauler doesn't react to your words.
      • Player: "Please don't!"
        • The Crow Mauler doesn't react to your words.
      • Player: "Prepare to die."
        • The Crow Mauler doesn't react to your words.
  • First round, if Nas'hrah is in the party:
    • Nas'hrar: "Kueh kueh!"
    • Nas'hrar: "Killing two birds with one stone!"


  • The Double Headed Crow Mauler has no random loot but, just like its counterpart, carries the third entry of the Captain's Diary and the Crow Emblem Key; this allows the player to access the Crow Mauler room and obtain Miasma. However, the Gauntlet area is a point of no return, which renders this reward unusable.
  • Using a Soul Stone on its corpse will give you the Crow Mauler Soul, which provides a x1.3 Attack multiplier.