The Gauntlet

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The Gauntlet is an end-game area in Fear & Hunger. It becomes available after stabbing all three hearts of the God of the Depths and is accessed by entering through their mouth. It is necessary to enter to reach endings A and B and is impossible to return from. It contains several traps, such as periodically appearing spikes (touching which reduces health but does not bring it below 1 Body Point), massive rolling boulders (which can insta-kill the player), and lizardmages. The player can also fall to the wrong parts of the gauntlet should they make a misstep, which will result in being chased by the Double Headed Crow Mauler.

At the bottom of the area resides a pile of bodies, on which the player will face the final encounter - God of Fear and Hunger or Traces of Gro-goroth, depending on whether the player has the girl with them.


Name Location Duration Music track
The Gauntlet At the Gauntlet 02:52