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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

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Miasma is an unique sentient sword found in Fear & Hunger, and is one of the strongest weapons found in the game. In Fear & Hunger 2: Termina, Miasma makes an appearance as part of an enemy encounter.


Miasma is an otherworldly sword that oozes toxic gasses that, at some point of history, was locked away in the dungeons of fear and hunger. The weapon is rumored to house the strength of six men. Despite its impressive might, Miasma's most notable trait is not its power: the sword possesses sentience and can communicate with individuals by projecting a voice into their minds. The reasons for this ability are yet to be elucidated in the games. However, what the sword does communicate is that it was forged with the intent of sowing chaos, pain, and misery.

Miasma employs various tactics to sway its wielders towards committing killing sprees. Given that not everyone would typically resort to indiscriminate murder, the sword must exert considerable psychological pressure on its user. Although Miasma may attempt to sway its wielder constantly, its telepathic voice is particularly effective on those whose mental fortitude has already been compromised. Consequently, the dungeons of fear and hunger are an ideal setting for the sword to exert its influence and seize control. Despite Miasma's potent influence, an individual with exceptional willpower or the aid of a companion may be able to resist the sword's coercive urges and maintain their self-control.

Centuries later, it is implied that the Miasma has been used against Moonless and it is now lodged on her body.


Miasma is found behind a locked door in the Dungeon's basement. You need the Crow Emblem Key (which is dropped by the Crow Mauler) to access the door leading to Miasma. Defeat the Crow Mauler as a test of your might and skill in the game, and the player is rewarded with the Miasma.

If Crow Mauler has been despawned, it is still possible to obtain the Miasma blade by forcing the door open; however, the player may need a full party equipped with strong weapons in order to do so. Alternatively, if the player or someone in their party has Leg sweep, they can destroy the door in one action.


Stats Effects Type
+92 Attack Miasma events 1-handed Slashing

Side effects mechanics

In the recent updates of the game, equipping Miasma may result in disastrous consequences, as the sword can possess and torment its wielder with voices that incite an insatiable thirst for blood. Having a Miasma-wielding character navigate specific areas of the game with low Mind Points (50 or lower in Fear & Hunger mode and 70 or lower in Terror & Starvation mode), a cutscene is initiated, whereby Miasma will seize control of the character's mind and compel them to slay all present companions.

  • If the protagonist is the one possessed, they will automatically kill their party members in a cutscene - the only one able to avoid this fate are Nas'hrah, who will actively mock the player character after the event takes place, and the Skeletons, as those do not appear on the event.
  • Furthermore, Miasma can also possess party members wielding it, namely Cahara, D'arce, Ragnvaldr, and Enki. The cutscene shows the possessed party member engaging in battle with the rest of the party, driven by Miasma's insatiable craving for blood. The player can avoid the fight by remaining silent when the sword's voices torment the wielder. Choosing any of the other options will result in negative consequences, such as the wielder dying instantly, an automatic game over, or the triggering of a bugged battle that results in a black screen.
  • Although Le'garde can also wield Miasma and trigger the possession event, he is able to resist the sword's influence and will not turn against the party. Therefore, it may be advantageous for Le'garde to carry the weapon instead of other party members.
  • Skeletons are also able to wield Miasma without risk of being possessed.

It is important to note that the possession event will only occur once per playthrough, regardless of which party member wields the sword.

Cutscene triggers

The cutscenes can be triggered at the following spots:


Miasma is a legendary sentient sword which will communicate to the player by making them hear a voice in their head.

  • "Come and find me. Let the blood flow." (Upon interacting with a heavy iron door)
  • "You miserable mortal worm,"
  • "You wish to use me?"
  • "Chaos, pain and misery."
  • "Those are the reasons I was created."
  • "BLOOD."


  • The weapon is likely inspired by Soul Edge, the cursed sword of the Soulcalibur series. Both have the same design (both are single-edged swords with an eye near the guard of the blade), both have bloodthirsty tendencies, both thrive in chaos, pain, and misery of the world, and both are sentient weapons.
  • Although the weapon is described as being otherworldly and able to emit toxic gas, it does not deal otherworldy damage or poison the target.