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This page describes the Hexen mechanic in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. For information about the first game, see Hexen F&H1.

The Hexen is a mechanic in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina that uses Soul Stones to increase the strength of characters.


It is accessible by sleeping or using the tables in Donnovan's House and in the 2nd floor of the Orphanage (Easy(er) and Masoχ-S/M modes) only.

For more details on spells and skills, see Skills List F&H2.


The six empty slots in the upper corners of the Hexen are each dedicated to a god. Once increasing affinity with a god, their slot will be filled and radiate a circular aura. Empty slots within the aura allow the player to use soul stones to learn spells. The aura gets larger as the affinity increases further, and some spell slots require more than one aura to overlap in order to use them.

God Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
God of

Fear and Hunger

  • Rot
  • Agility +1
  • Mastery over vermin
  • Flesh Puppetry
  • Mischief of Rats
  • Blood Sword
  • Defense +1
  • Inverse crown of thorns
  • Reveal aura
  • Mind capacity +25
  • Mind read
  • Golden gates
  • Pheromones
  • Magic defense +1
  • Loving whispers
  • Healing whispers
  • Brain flower
  • Heart flower
  • Roots that reap
  • Pyromancy trick
  • Combustion
  • Photosynthesis
  • Scorched earth
  • Brain flower
  • Spontaneous Combustion
  • Greater Photosynthesis
  • Magic Attack +1
  • Magic Attack +1
  • Heart flower
  • Necromancy
  • Hurting
  • Scorched earth
  • Blood golem
  • Black smog
  • Black orb
  • Attack +1
  • Attack +1

Spells with underline require the affinity of both gods listed.


The bottom half of the Hexen is dedicated to characters and their skills, with available trees highlighted in pink. The only tree accessible at the beginning of the game is the starting character's, but others can be unlocked by killing contestants and taking their souls. This only works if the player is the one to kill them, and finding their corpse doesn't work.

Character Soul Skills
Daan Blank Diagnosis, Medicinal/Organ harvest, Precision stance, Magna-medical, Analyze
Abella Caressing Wrench toss, Short circuit, Trapcraft, Weaponcraft
O'saa Enlightened La Danse Macabre, Meditation, Greater meditation, Spice forge
Olivia Shadowed Advanced botanism, Poison tip, Undergrowth awareness, Toxicology
Karin Endless Persuade, Lockpicking, Escape plan, Diplomacy
Pav Chaotic Bury the trauma, En garde, Order, Charge! (Order, Charge! is one skill)
Marcoh Tainted Bare-fisted proficiency, Bob and weave, Perfect guard, Counter stance, Adrenaline rush, Fast stance
Levi Solitary Gun proficiency, Gunslinger, Executioner, Marksmanship
Marina Changeling Engrave, Warding sigil, Advanced occultism, Greater occultism
Samarie Radiating Blood sacrifice, Masturbation
Tanaka Latent Agility +1, Attack +1, Defense +1, Magic defense +1, Magic attack +1
Henryk Suffocated Slow metabolism, Melee proficiency, Masterchef
Caligura Decrepit Steal, Intimidate, Killing intent, Explosives
August Tormented War cry, Bloodlust, Devour, Sisu