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This page describes the Hexen mechanic in Fear & Hunger. For information about the second game, see Hexen F&H2. For more details on spells and skills, see Skills List F&H1.

An image of a Hexen table

"The Hexen creates a connection to the gods, both new and the old.
To get closer to the older gods, you must work your way up and gain their affinity. With each circle you get closer to them.
The new gods only pass on their knowledge to those who share the same birth sign and soul with them."

- Description of the Hexen from an unnamed book.

The Hexen Table is an important object in the Fear & Hunger series that allows the player to acquire skills as well as curse their weapons. They work as the game's primary progression system, replacing the typical EXP and leveling up model present in most other RPGs.


The first Hexen table can be found in the first level of the dungeon, being located either in the Entrance or the Courtyard. There will be a wooden door blocking the room containing the table, which has been locked by magical means. The door possess a mark of eastern origins and attempting to open it will cause the player character to note that they are being barred by a supernatural force.

The door can be opened either by using a Purifying Talisman or the Counter-Magic spell on it. Once the door is purified, the player will be able to access the table and use it as much as they want. The second table is located in Nosramus's laboratory, in Level 5 (Mines), and while it is not blocked by a cursed door, the player will be forced to fight against the Old Knight in order to enter it.

In Dungeon Nights, only one Hexen Table can be found, being located within the mode's hub area (the city), inside a building named "Hexen". In this table, the player has access to all the skill trees and starts with maximum affinity with all the gods, meaning that they can acquired all of the available skills/spells as long as they pay the required cost.


The skills trees at the Hexen

Once the player interacts with the Hexen table, they will be provided with two options: Use The Hexen or Curse Equipment.

Both options require the use of lesser souls, which can be acquired by using a soul stone on a normal enemy's corpse. Using one soul will unlock one skill or spell, while cursing requires a varying amount of souls depending on the target equipment.

Use The Hexen

The Hexen displays multiple skills-trees that allows the player to unlock spells and skills relevant to their chosen character.

Left side (skills)

The left side of the tree is composed by skills. There are four skill-based trees, one of which will be available to the player at the start of the game, depending on the soul type of the playable character they choose.[1] The player will also start the game with a few skills in their main character's branch, which will be determined by their choices in the PLAY INTRO options. Choosing to skip the intro, will still give the player some predetermined skills.

To gain access to the other skills-trees at the left side of the Hexen, the player will need to acquire more special souls. These souls can be acquired by either defeating a new God or by killing one of the other 3 main characters in battle and using a soul stone on them.

Right side (spells)

The right side of the tree is composed by spells. Spells available to the player are based on their affinity with each god, indicated by the white halo around each of the gods symbol at the Hexen. Enki is the only character that can start the game with some spells already available as well as maximum affinity to a god of their choice, his skill tree also provides magic related skills, making him the best character to those who are interested in the magic.

Cursing Equipment

The player can spend lesser souls to curse their weapons. Doing so will add attack buffs to them, as well as give them the ability to harm spectral enemies. For more information on the numerical increase of most weapons, as well as the amount of souls required to curse them, see Items List.

Hexen Contents


Character Soul Skills
Cahara Endless Lockpicking, Steal, Backstab/En garde, Dash
D'arce Domination Defence Stance, Fast Stance, Counter, Leg Sweep
Ragnvaldr Torment Devour, Bloodlust, Marksmanship
Enki Enlightenment Counter-Magic, Greater Blood Magic


God Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Gro-goroth (God of Destruction) Pyromancy trick, Blood golem Necromancy, Hurting Black Orb
Sylvian (God of Creation) Loving whispers, Pheromones Healing whispers N/A
Alll-mer (The Ascended One) Blood portal N/A N/A
God of the Depths Mastery over insects, Needleworm Flock of crows, Locust swarm N/A




  • The skill Backstab has been replaced by the skill En garde and is no longer available in the game's current version.
  • In the game files, the spell Phase step was supposed to be aquired after getting affinity level 2 with Alll-mer, although impossible to get without an empty scroll.