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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

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This page contains the difficulties in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. For the difficulties in Fear & Hunger, see Difficulty Settings F&H1.

There are three difficulty settings currently available in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. Fear & Hunger is the intended experience, while Easy(er) offers an easier, more accessible experience, and Masoχ-S/M is an additional challenge for those who have mastered the game. Some unlocks and encounters are exclusive to difficulties, as noted below.

  • More starting items if character history is skipped.
  • Obtain a Skin Bible - God of Fear and Hunger at the start of the game (if the player talks to Marina on the train).
    • God of Fear & Hunger sigils allow for three saves at matching ritual circles.
  • Tes'tich Table in the Orphanage is functional.
  • Enemies deal half damage.
  • Pipe bombs can be found from loot drops.
  • Most overworld traps are absent.
  • Hunger decreases every 23.31 seconds.
  • Mind drain occurs every 26.67 seconds.
  • Enemy ambushes (specifically the Mob and Death Masks) are absent.
  • Logic's second phase is absent.

  • The intended way to play the game.
  • Tes'tich Table in the Orphanage cannot be used.
  • All overworld traps except for rusty nails are now present.
  • Hunger decreases every 20 seconds.
  • Mind drain occurs every 20 seconds.

  • Game starts on Day 3 Night.
    • Because of this, all contestants are either moonscorched or dead, and you don't have the ability to save the game by sleeping, as it is an instant game over.
    • To save the game, you would have to find a Book of enlightenment, or draw a sigil to the God of Fear and Hunger (requiring one to have found the Skin Bible - God of Fear and Hunger).
  • All shops are open.
  • The Tes'tich Table at the Orphanage is now restored, and can be used once before the Gull bros destroy it and attempt to attack you.
    • If not killed in the Orphanage, they will stalk the player throughout the outdoor city areas.
  • Spending 67 continuous seconds outside results in death. There is a grace period at the start of the game.
    • This timer carries across screens and is refreshed by entering a building or killing certain enemies. Though it is paused by entering combat, it does not pause when engaging in most dialogue (for example: talking to Pocketcat in Prehevil - Staircase does pause the timer).
      • If the player is resetting the timer by going indoors, the timer will not fully reset until the player waits at least 6.67 seconds.
    • The player will first get the message "The Moon God is watching you..." as a warning. As the timer runs out, they will see visual and sound warnings, and then eventually be struck down by Rher and moonscorched.
  • Enemies get -50% Physical and Magical damage received.
  • Player and party members get +50% Blunt, Slashing, Piercing, Fire, Otherworldly damage received.
  • Hunger decreases every 13.33 seconds.
  • Mind drain occurs every 6.67 seconds.
  • Rusty nails return from the first game, inflicting bleed and infection when stepped on.
  • Enemy ambushes are more frequent.
    • Far more Bellends will ambush the player across the entire city, much like in Mausoleum Alley.
    • All Death Masks are active, passing through any of their spawn tiles three times will make them appear.
    • Poes are active, entering a room with a radio will spawn a Poe.
  • A Platoon appears in the Ruined streets right before the staircase in the North.

New Game+

Clearing endings on certain difficulties allows for new skills to be learnable in the Hexen on subsequent playthroughs, these are:

  • Ending A on Easy(er) and Fear & Hunger for Red arc.
  • Ending B on Easy(er) and Fear & Hunger for Lunar meteorite.
  • Ending C on Easy(er) and Fear & Hunger for Longinus.
  • Ending A on Fear & Hunger and Masoχ-S/M for Moth swarm.
  • Ending B on Masoχ-S/M for Lunar storm.


  • Moth Swarm was supposed to be a Masoχ-S/M mode exclusive unlock, but a bug has resulted in it unlocking in the Fear & Hunger mode as well.

In-game Footage

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