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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

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The Iki Turso, or Iki-Turso, are a beast-like species associated with the old God Vinushka. One of these beasts can be met as a non-player character in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.


"These peculiar beasts run wild in the deepest forests of Europa. They got a clear alignment with the older god Vinushka, but exactly what this connection is... we do not know. The Iki-Turso are known to rise from their slumber during times when the nature is under threat."
- The New Gods when asked about the Iki Turso.

The Iki-Turso that can be met in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina appears to remain in constant slumber, patiently anticipating the arrival of the God of Nature, Vinushka. Given its appearance and the alignment with Vinushka's principles, it is conceivable that this creature is affiliated with the Old God. While not hostile, the Iki-Turso exudes an air of disdain towards the player character, regarding their interaction as a futile interruption. It adamantly awaits the return of Vinushka, dismissing the character as a mere worm, and insists on remaining undisturbed until the deity reemerges.

It is worth noting that some in-game sources indicate Vinushka as a deceased god. This suggests that the Iki-Turso's appearance in the realm of Prehevil during 1942 may be a result of its ability to sense an imminent threat to nature. Consequently, the notion arises that the slumber of the Iki-Turso may endure indefinitely, as the god of nature, if indeed deceased, is unlikely to return and awaken it once more.


It can be found in the Maiden Forest, through a hidden path in the trees directly northeast of Tunnel 7.

Special interaction

If the player finds it on Day 3 after defeating Rancid the Sergal for the first time, Iki Turso will be found dead and decapitated. Interacting with Iki Turso's corpse will make Rancid the Sergal appear and initiates a second battle.


Upon being approached before Day 3

  • Iki Turso: "YAAWN..."
  • Iki Turso: "AWAKENED... FROM MY SLUMBER..."
  • Iki Turso: "IS IT TIME YET...?"
    • Player: "Time for what?"
    • Player: "It is time."
    • Player: "What the hell are you!?"
    • Player: "..."
  • Iki Turso: "..."
  • Iki Turso: "WHAT NUISANCE..."
  • Iki Turso: "I WAIT FOR VINUSHKA..."

On Day 3

  • The giant creature is missing its head. It seems to have been severed cleanly.


  • Iki Turso's name is based on the creature of Finnish legends and myth bearing a similar name but spelled as Iku-Turso. Its name variations are Iku-Tursas, Iki-Tursas, Meritursas, Tursas, Turisas, and some others. Its name is most likely related to Proto-Germanic, Þurisaz/Thurisaz (giant).
  • Unlike the in-game Iki Turso, Iku-Turso is a malevolent sea monster. Though in the Kalevala, it is mentioned to have risen from the sea and burned a stack of hay, from which a giant oak grows from the ashes. This idea might have sparked the look of the current Iki Turso.
  • It is referred to as "the elk man" by Marina and in the game files it is called an "elkling". This might be the creature's species and race, but it is uncertain for now.
  • A creature that resembles it is killed and slain by Ragnvaldr in his Ending S.