Ending S - "The god of ultra-violence"

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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Proceed at your own risk!

"The god of ultra-violence" is Ragnvaldr's character-specific Hard mode ending in Fear & Hunger. It portrays his goals of exterminating every being tainted by a dark soul within the dungeons, exacting his revenge against Le'garde, and reclaiming the Cube of the Depths.

To achieve it, one must acquire almost every single unique soul obtainable in the game, which means slaying most major bosses and monsters in the game. The player also must visit Le'garde's corpse and then leave the dungeons to trigger the ending.

The following souls are required:

This mostly means defeating them in battle and then using a Soul stone, which lets the player acquire their soul.

The Black Witch is an exception, as the player teleports away from her after killing her in the dungeon, meaning her soul can only be acquired by killing her in the Grand Library or via an Empty scroll.

Another exception is Butterfly, whom the player does not need to kill, and must let him live instead. After destroying the purple heart present in The Temple of the True King, the player may return to where the butterfly used to be to find his soul.

After visiting Le'garde's corpse, a message will inform the player that what they set out to do — purifying the dungeons from all the evils within — has been completed, after which the player may leave the dungeon and achieve Ending S - The god of ultra-violence.


  • Try to get Necromancy, or Miasma, as soon as possible.
  • Try to get as many empty scrolls as you can to obtain the required skills and souls.
  • Avoid entering the Level 2 Basement's pocket dimension, as causing the Black Witch to spawn here will make her soul unavailable without using a scroll.
  • Avoid the Crow Mauler at first. Only face him when you have a full party, or have Isayah's Iron Mask, as it prevents eye damage inflicted by the Crow Mauler's Flock of crows. However, keep in mind that you must kill him before entering Ma'habre, or else he will despawn and make his soul unavailable without using a scroll. It is possible to prevent Crow Mauler's despawning. For that player should activate time-travel in the Tombs of The Gods before entering to Mahabre. In the archway leading from Passageway to Central Square player need to enter on the rightest side of the way (despawning tile is in the middle one). After that it's recommended to use Blood Portal or the broken wall in the Old Passage to avoid despawning tile.
  • Most battles can be avoided or cheesed if the player knows the right strategy or boss's weak spot. This is not the case with Tormented One, whom the player must only face when fully ready, as the RNG the player has to rely on with a party of skeletons/ghouls greatly increases the difficulty of this battle.
  • It is worth seeking a strategy to defend limbs in the case of misses. Guarding and Defense Stance help. Equips such as the Salmonsnake soul or Penance armor too. Each equipment and path to getting it has their pros and cons, so consider which would be more consistent for you.
  • If the player wishes to skip the Tormented One's fight using scrolls, they will need two: one for the Tormented One, and one for the White Angel (which would only spawn after the Tormented One is defeated).
  • Spare skeletal arms/arms are useful to unlock the Sergal spear, a two handed weapon that outclasses Miasma in bleed chance and in damage.
  • It's worth utilizing DoT statuses such as bleed/burn/poison on bosses as much as possible as it allows room for the player to guard and defend their limbs.

Ending Text

You got everything you came for. The captain of the cursed mercenary army was dead. You got the unholy artifact back.

You also made sure that the evil that lurked in the darkness was vanquished. You slaughtered every single creature that held true power in the dungeons...

However you know the darkness doesn't end to the dungeons. You've witnessed the same evil in the far-away continent of Vinland and that same corrupting force lurks in the every dark corner of the world.

It is restless and relentless.

For you to stop it from spreading, you also need to be restless and relentless.

From the moment you escaped the dungeons of Fear & Hunger, you dedicated your life in hunting down those that are conceived by the darkness.

You would hunt down all the macabre beasts that hid from the eyes of the oblivious western world.

The beasts would come to know your name.