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Traps are among the many obstacles that can be met through the journey from the overworld. While outside battle, players can still experience many ways to incidentally receive causes from either progress loss, heavy injuries or even instant death from the traps, only being avoidable from their awareness, coin flips or by dodging from it.

Gameplay in Fear & Hunger

Many obstacles and traps can be seen around the Dungeon of Fear and Hunger.

Note that rat biting event only occurs in Terror & Starvation mode and Hard Mode.

Traps Effects Coin flip Location
Rusty nail Inflicts infection and bleeding status effect No Entrance, Prisons
Bear trap Player character loses both legs No Tombs of the Gods
Arrow booby trap Low damage party, inflicts bleeding status effect on party No Inner hall, Gauntlet
Crumbling floor trap Party falls into the lower level Yes Thicket, Inner hall, Gauntlet
Flaming floor trap Non-stationary, game over No Golden Temple
Rat bite Inflicts infection status effect after failing the check Yes Specific overworld bookshelves (signalized by squeak noise)
Dream entities Forces the player to wake up at the Tower of Endless No Kingdom of Rondon, Oldegård Forests
Spikes High damage party, will not reach below from 1 BP No Gauntlet
Boulders Non-stationary, game over No Gauntlet
Biting bugs Low damage to the whole party; completely harmless with Mastery Over Insects No Catacombs, Gauntlet
Pendulum blades Non-stationary, game over No Gauntlet
Totem Poison Gas Non-stationary, Inflicts poison status effect on party No Gauntlet

Gameplay in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina

Different obstacles can be encountered in different regions of Prehevil.

Trap Effect Coin flip Location Removed on Easy(er) Masoχ-S/M exclusive
Bear trap Deals 20 damage, removes both legs and causes Bleeding status No Old Town - Mayor's Manor, Derelict House, Old Town - Slums Yes No
Rusty nail Deals 1 damage and causes Infected leg and Bleeding statuses No Old Town - Gate, Old Town - Mayor's Manor, Derelict House, Prehevil - Ruined Streets Yes Yes
Mine Game Over No Prehevil - West (News Agency), Prehevil - West (Inner Garden), Prehevil - Ruined Streets Yes No
Crumbling floor Party falls into the orphanage basement Yes Orphanage No No
Camouflaged spike pit Game Over No Deep Woods, Outskirts of Prehevil - Abandoned House Yes No
Deep pitfall Game Over No Hidden Spot No No
Molded bed Game Over if slept in No White Mold Apartments No No