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Walk on water is a spell in Fear & Hunger. It can be learned by the use of a Scroll of walking on water.


Walk on water grants the user the ability to traverse bodies of water as if they were solid ground. The mechanics behind this spell remain unexplained, depicted as a simple trick. It is associated with Alll-mer, an Ascended God known for spells that delve into the realm of supernatural phenomena.


While Walking on water is aligned with Alll-mer, the spell is unavailable in the Hexen, thereby negating the need to raise affinity with Alll-mer for its acquisition. Instead, the standard method to learn it involves using an Scroll of walking on water from the inventory list and choosing a character to impart the spell to. While it can be learned by any character in the game, most players will benefit from the spell better by teaching it to the protagonist for availability purposes.

Alternatively, the protagonist can also learn this spell by using an Empty scroll while having a Quill in the inventory list and writing the text below at the three-verse writing sequence:

  • "O LORD (First verse); TEACH (Second verse); WALK ON WATER (Third verse)"


In the game, Walk on water serves a single purpose: navigating through a room inundated with water on Level 5 - Mines, the same room where the Salmonsnake can be encountered. Upon inspecting the water pool, players can activate the spell, granting them the ability to traverse the water's surface until they exit this map. This spell allows access to Nosramus' secret laboratory.

While the spell requires 10 Mind points to be cast, it does not deplete Mind. (Bug)


  • Walk on water bears reference to Jesus walking on the water, one of the miracles of Jesus recounted in the New Testament. This parallel between Alll-mer and Jesus Christ is just one among many within the series.