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Relating to the first half of the series' title, Mind is a resource stat that applies to each character representing their mental state, stress level, and otherwise their ability to cope with shock from the harsh and maddening world of Fear & Hunger. It is also a measure of how many skills and spells a unit can use. Upon sufficient loss of Mind, characters may have a mental break requiring you to speak to them, or they may leave the party or even die of a heart attack from shock and terror in your absence.

In Fear & Hunger

In Fear & Hunger, all recruitable characters possess a maximum Mind value of 100. It is needed for the use of most of the skills and spells available in the game, and some enemies can also diminish it in battle.

Mind also gradually depletes on its own at a different rate depending on the map the party characters currently are on. In certain maps, this depletion can be stopped either permanently through the act of lighting a candle upon them or temporarily by using Torch - However, players should be aware that employing Torch in the open streets of Ma'habre will yield no results.

For characters like Cahara, D'arce, Enki, Ragnvaldr, Le'garde, and the girl, who by default have randomly assigned Phobias, when their Mind reaches zero, these Phobias are replaced by Panophobia, which effectively results in a -50% Evasion Rate and +50% physical damage received against every enemy encountered in the game. Ghouls, Skeletons, Moonless, Nas'hrah and the Demon Kid are exempt from such consequences, as they do not bear assigned Phobias.

Additionally, a protagonist that has their Mind depleted below 50 will automatically learn Suicide, a skill that leads to an immediate Game over when used.

Special interactions

Some events linked to low Mind values can also be activated in certain locations within the dungeon.


When a character equipped with Miasma ventures through particular areas of the game with Mind Points below 50 in Fear & Hunger mode, or below 70 in Terror & Starvation mode, a cutscene ensues. During this cutscene, Miasma takes hold of the character's mind, coercing them to ruthlessly attack and eliminate all of their companions present.

If the protagonist is the one possessed, they will automatically kill their party members in a cutscene - the only one able to avoid this fate are Nas'hrah, who will actively mock the player character after the event takes place, and the Skeletons, as those do not appear on the event.

Furthermore, Miasma can also possess party members wielding it, namely Cahara, D'arce, Ragnvaldr, and Enki. The cutscene shows the possessed party member engaging in battle with the rest of the party, driven by Miasma's insatiable craving for blood. The player can avoid the fight by remaining silent when the sword's voices torment the wielder. Choosing any of the other options will result in negative consequences, such as the wielder dying instantly, an automatic game over, or the triggering of a bugged battle that results in a black screen. Although Le'garde can also wield Miasma and trigger the possession event, he is able to resist the sword's influence and will not turn against the party. Therefore, it may be advantageous for Le'garde to carry the weapon instead of other party members. Skeletons are also able to wield Miasma without risk of being possessed. It is important to note that the possession event will only occur once per playthrough, regardless of which party member wields the sword.

Cutscene triggers

The cutscenes can be triggered at the following spots:

Companions events

Cahara, D'arce, Enki, Ragnvaldr, Le'garde, and the girl may attempt to leave the party in certain locations when their Mind is below 70, forcing the protagonist to either leave them behind and recover their sanity through items or convince them to resume the journey without defecting. In certain cases, a third character may step in to aid in persuading the conflicted party member to stay. These unique interactions are elaborated upon in each character's individual articles. If the character has gone though this event once, it will re-trigger subsequently when their Mind is below 50.

Should a character be left behind, the sole option is to provide them with a Mind-restoring item: Ale (+35 Mind), Wine vial (+60 Mind), a Bottle of Whiskey (+60 Mind), Elixir of mind (+100 Mind), Tobacco (+35 Mind), or Opium (+100 Mind). Neglecting to administer assistance before departing the area can result in the abandoned character experiencing a fatal heart attack 25% of the time; a healed character, however, will be available for resuming the journey if interacted with. This event can be used for the benefit of the player, as it provides them with an option of party management that does not require the death of a companion. Provided that the character has been administered with a Mind-healing item, they will patiently and safely await the player's return, regardless of the duration it takes.

Cutscene triggers

The cutscenes can be triggered at the following spots:

In Fear & Hunger 2: Termina

Similar to the initial game, the default maximum Mind value remains at 100, although it is now possible to exceed this limit through gameplay: obtaining the Mind capacity skill and carving Rher's sigil through Engrave will increase maximum Mind in 25 points each. Mind continues to serve as a resource for utilizing the majority of skills and spells within the game. Phanophobia mechanics also make a comeback, this time applying to all recruitable contestants - Ghouls and Black Kalev are excluded.

In Termina, Mind starts to deplete once the player leaves the area with the train.

The speed of Mind depletion depends on what difficulty has been chosen:

  • Easy(er) - 1 Mind per 26.67 seconds
  • Fear & Hunger - 1 Mind per 20 seconds
  • Masoχ-S/M - 1 Mind per 6.67 seconds

Mind can be slowly recovered by staying two specific locations: