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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Proceed at your own risk!

Empty scrolls are items in Fear & Hunger that can be used to make requests to the Ascended God Alll-mer.


Empty scrolls are linked to Alll-mer and are employed by his devotees to petition for skills and items. The manner in which an individual composes their request seemingly mirrors the method by which the faithful pray to him when seeking his assistance. The extent of commonfolk's understanding regarding Empty scrolls remains uncertain, but Dark Priests are well-versed in their effects, and these scrolls have been utilized by undisclosed individuals in at least two instances within the Dungeons of Fear and Hunger.


Empty scrolls are consumable items that require players to have a Quill in their inventory. The Quill itself does not deplete upon using an Empty scroll, meaning only one is required per playthrough.

Upon activation, the Empty scroll prompts a three-verse writing sequence. The initial verse must invariably begin with "O LORD", followed by a choice between "GIVE" or "TEACH" for the second verse, with the third verse dedicated to the player's desire. All verses must be composed in capital letters for the Empty scroll to function correctly. Additionally, certain skills and items have slight variations in wording from their menu descriptions.

Ex. "O LORD (First verse); GIVE (Second verse); ENLIGHTENMENT (Third verse)" will grant the player a Book of enlightenment if they are playing on "Normal mode".

Empty scrolls unlock a myriad of gameplay options that are otherwise unattainable. These include acquiring duplicate copies of unique items, gaining early access to the souls of the New Gods for the Hexen (typically accessible only late-game or through the sacrifice of recruitable characters), and learning exclusive spells like Phase step (which can only be learned via these scrolls) and Mastery over insects (normally reserved for characters with affinity with the God of the Depths).


Below is a list of items that can gathered through the use of Empty scrolls and the required wording for each of them.



Input Item received
"BACON & EGGS" Bacon & eggs
"BLUEBERRIES" Blueberries
"BLUEBERRY PIE" Blueberry pie
"CABBAGE" Cabbage
"CARROT" Carrot
"CHEESE" Cheese
"DRIED MEAT" Dried meat
"DRIED MUSHROOM" Dried mushroom
"EGG" Egg
"GLOW MUSHROOM" Glow mushroom
"MEATPIE" Meatpie
"MIX'N'MATCH" Mix'n'match stew
"MOLDY BREAD" Moldy bread
"ROTTEN MEAT" Rotten meat
"SALAMI" Salami
"SALMONSNAKE" Salmonsnake meat
"TOMATO" Tomato
"VEGETABLE PIE" Vegetable pie
"WHEAT FLOUR" Wheat flour

Alcohol & drugs

Input Item received
"ALE" Ale
"TOBACCO" Tobacco
"OPIUM POWDER" Opium powder
"WHISKEY" Bottle of whiskey

Potions & medicine

Input Item received
"BLACK VIAL" Black vial
"BLOOD VIAL" Blood vial
"BLUE VIAL" Blue vial
"Brown vial" Brown vial
"ELIXIR OF BODY" Elixir of body
"ELIXIR OF MIND" Elixir of mind
"EXPLOSIVE VIAL" Explosive vial
"GREEN VIAL" Green vial
"LIGHTBLUE VIAL" Light blue vial
"MURKY VIAL" Murky vial
"ORANGE VIAL" Orange vial
"PURPLE VIAL" Purple vial
"RED VIAL" Red vial
"WATER VIAL" Water vial
"WHITE VIAL" White vial
"WORM JUICE" Worm juice
"YELLOW VIAL" Yellow vial

Tools & containers

Input Item received
"BEAR TRAP" Bear trap
"GLASS VIAL" Glass vial
"PIPE" Pipe
"QUILL" Quill
"SKINNING KNIFE" Skinning knife
"SOUL STONE" Soul stone
"TINDERBOX" Tinderbox
"TORCH" Torch


Input Item received
"2F KEYS" 2F key
"CELL KEYS F3" Cell keys F3
"KING PASSAGE KEY" King's passage key
"OLD PASSAGE KEY" Old passage key
"SMALL KEY" Small key


Input Item received
"CAVEWOLF FUR" Cavewolf fur
"CLOTH" Cloth fragment
"CUBE OF DEPTHS" Cube of the depths (old version)
"DIAMOND" Diamond
"DIRT" Dirt
"FETUS" Fetus
"GNOME EGG" Gnome egg
"GNOME MILK" Gnome milk
"IRON ARROW" Iron arrow
"GUARD SKIN" Guard skin
"LANTERN" Priest's lantern
"NITROGLYCERIN" Nitroglycerin powder
"OIL" Oil
"PALE SKIN" Pale skin
"PINECONE" x20 Pinecones
"SILVER COIN" Silver coin
"STICK" Stick
"STONE" Stone


Input Item received
"BONE SHEARS" Bone shears
"CLAYMORE" Claymore
"CRUDE SWORD" Crude sword
"DAGGER" Dagger
"EASTERN SWORD" Eastern sword
"IRON MACE" Iron mace
"IRON SPEAR" Iron spear
"LONG SWORD" Long sword
"MEAT CLEAVER" Meat cleaver
"MORNING STAR" Morning star
"RITUAL SPEAR" Ritual spear
"SHORT BOW" Short bow
"SHORT SWORD" Short sword
"SHARK TEETH" Shark teeth
"WAR SCYTHE" War scythe



Input Item received
"EAGLE SHIELD" Eagle crest shield
"SPIDER SHIELD" Spider shield
"WOODEN BUCKLER" Wooden buckler

Body armor

Input Item received
"BLACK DRESS" Black dress
"EASTERN ROBES", "SILK ROBES" Eastern silk robes
"FUR ARMOR" Fur armor
"FUR OUTFIT" Fur outfit
"GAUNT ARMOR" Gaunt plate armor
"GAUNT BASCINET" Gaunt bascinet
"GHOUL OUTFIT" Ghoul outfit
"GUARD OUTFIT" Guard outfit
"HIGH PRIEST'S" High priest's robe
"LEATHER VEST" Leather vest
"LEATHER ARMOR" Hard leather armor
"LOINCLOTH" Loincloth
"PLATE MAIL" Plate mail
"PRIEST'S ROBE" Priest's robe


Input Item received
"CLOTH HOOD" Cloth hood
"JINGASA KABUTO" Kingasa kabuto
"LEATHER HELMET" Leather helmet
"STONE CROWN" Stone crown


Input Item received
"ARM GUARDS" Arm guards
"CLOTH CAPE" Cloth cape
"EASTERN PERFUME" Eastern perfume
"ECLIPSE" Eclipse talisman
"EYEGLASSES" Eyeglasses
"LEG GUARDS" Leg guards
"MONOCLE" Monocle
"PECULIAR DOLL" Peculiar doll
"PINECONE PIG" Pinecone pig
"RING OF WRAITHS" Ring of wraiths
"SOUL DEVOUR" Soul devour necklace
"YGGAEGETSU CHARM" Charm of the Yggaegetsu



Input Soul received
"BLACK WITCH" Black witch soul
"BUTTERFLY" Butterfly soul
"CAVEMOTHER" Cavemother soul
"CROW MAULER" Crow Mauler soul
"LESSER SOUL" Lesser soul
"OLD GUARDIAN" Old guardian soul
"SHAKESPEARE" Iron shakespeare soul
"WHITE ANGEL" White angel soul


Input Soul received
"DOMINATION" Domination soul
"ENDLESS" Endless soul
"ENLIGHTENED" Enlightened soul
"TORMENTED" Tormented soul


Crafting Recipes

Input Item received
"ALCHEMILLIA1" Achemillia vol. 1
"ALCHEMILLIA 2" Achemillia vol. 2
"ALCHEMILLIA3" Achemillia vol. 3
"ASSASSINS BOOK" Assassin's handbook I
"CREATION BOOK" Creation of Life
"RECIPE BOOK" Recipes of the 15th century


Input Item received
"ANCIENT BOOK" Ancient book
"MEMORIES BOOK" Book of the Forgotten Memories


Input Item received
"ALLL-MER" Studies of Alll-mer I
"BLOOD & FLOWER" Blood & Flower magic I
"CAPTAIN DIARY1" Captain's diary 1
"CAPTAIN DIARY2" Captain's diary 2
"CAPTAIN DIARY3" Captain's diary 3
"CAPTAIN ORDER" Captain's orders
"FELLOWSHIP1" The Fellowship ch.1
"GRO-GOROTH" Studies of Gro-goroth I
"INMATE LIST" List of inmates
"MA'HAVRE" Ma'havre
"POCKETCAT BOOK" The Tale of the Pocketcat
"POEMS BOOK" Poems of love and torment
"SYLVIAN" Studies of Sylvian I
"TORN PAGE" Torn page
"TORTURERS NOTE" Torturer's notes


Input Item received
"EMPTY SCROLL" Empty scroll
"ENLIGHTENMENT" Book of enlightenment

Can't be obtained on hard mode:
Alll-Mer gives you no salvation this time around...

"MOCKUP BOOK" Mockup book
"THE PASSAGES" The Passages of Ma'habre


Below is a list of skills that can learned through the use of Empty scrolls and the required wording for each of them.

Attack Spells

Input Skill received
"BLACK ORB" Black orb
"CHAINS", "TORMENT CHAINS" Chains of torment
"COMBUSTION" Combustion
"CROWS", "FLOCK OF CROWS" Flock of crows
"HURTING" Hurting
"LOCUST SWARM" Locust swarm
"NEEDLE WORM" Needle worm

Healing Spells

Input Skill received
"HEALING WHISPERS" Healing whispers
"LOVING WHISPERS" Loving whispers


Input Skill received
"BLOODLUST" Bloodlust
"DEFENCE STANCE" Defence stance
"FAST ATTACK" Fast attack
"GREATER MAGIC" Greater blood magic

Party Member Summoning

Input Skill received
"BLOOD GOLEM" Blood golem
"DEMON SEED" Demon seed
"NECROMANCY" Necromancy


Input Skill received
"BLOOD PORTAL" Blood portal
"BLOODSACRIFICE" Blood sacrifice
"COUNTER" Counter
"DASH" Dash
"DEVOUR" Devour
"ENGARDE", "EN GARDE" En garde
"LOCKPICKING" Lockpicking
"LEG SWEEP" Leg sweep
"MARKSMANSHIP" Marksmanship
"MASTERY" Mastery over insects
"PRAY" Pray
"PHASE", "PHASE STEP" Phase step
"PHEROMONES" Pheromones
"STEAL" Steal
"TRANSMUTATION" Simple transmutation
"WALK ON WATER" Walk on water
"WAR CRY" War cry


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