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Relatives Ragnvaldr(father)
Hilde (deceased mother)
Biographical information
Date of death 1590
Place of birth Northern Kingdom of Oldegård
Physical description
Gender Male

Björn is an unseen character in Fear & Hunger. Having been deceased before the game starts, his death, along with that of his mother, serves as the primary motivation for his father Ragnvaldr's pursuit of Le'garde within the Dungeons of Fear and Hunger.


In his living days, Björn was the son of Ragnvaldr and Hilde, residing with them in a tribe situated within the kingdom of Oldegård.

Both Björn and Hilde fell victim to the Knights of the Midnight Sun during their invasion of Oldegård in their quest for the Cube of the Depths. The loss of his wife and child propels Ragnvaldr into a vengeful quest, leading him to search for Le'garde within the dungeons.